PROFEDE The recruitment and social selling industries are ready for technology-enabled disruption

PROFEDE the problem at the time of professional ecosystem, businesses are forced to pay a large amount of social recruiting and selling capital to “middleman’s”, which targets the contact but provides little-to-no professional value directly. Why do all the work while the professional intermediaries Reap all the benefits?

professional solutions should have control over their professional that can receive data and how others can use it. our decentralized professional ecosystem helps you get compensation for your data, create unnecessary intermediaries. profede is the next generation of professional confidentiality of the data. Thanks to the blockchain, you can be sure your data is protected. professionals make money instead of professional intermediaries, will enough people are compensated each time the business will be in touch with them. join the fun cryptocurrencies is booming! start getting pato  and trading them on the best exchanges. your personal data professional data only your business. If someone wants to reach You they will have to pay the price set by you.

Public Crowdsale FRAMEWORK PERIOD will begin on June 1, 2018. Fundraising will continue until the hard cap $20 million are met (or for 105 days). If there is still a token after a period of crowdsale, this token will be transferred to the bucket long term. Sign up at for the latest announcements about fundraising.
There are a total of TOKEN DISTRIBUTION INFORMATION remain P 6 billion (Token Activity Professionals), in which 3 billion will be available for purchase during the presale and crowdsale.
Profede will use a web application to facilitate the contribution of BTC or ETH and the acceptance of the token PATO. You can contribute by BTC or ETH, but must use the wallet BTC or ETH to do so. Wallet Exchange should not be used for any ICO

Profede distributes the token ERC-20 (token PATO). The wallet is compatible with ERC-20 should be given as the recipient address regardless whether you contribute to BTC or ETH.
Expected tokens will be distributed within one week after the completion of the crowdsale, but the team has the right to take up to four weeks. This will only happen if there are complications with pre-sales or sales of the crowd, which was not predicted by the team.
50% of the total of token available for purchase throughout the presale and crowdsale 40% token is booked as a long-term budget. In between, the token-token will be used to: Stimulate the use and growth of the platform. Pay for development. Investment in marketing. The cap on legal fees. 10% token provided for Advisors and teams.
40% for development (launch solutions and adjustments) 5% for administrative needs. 44% to expand adoption. These include the growth and maintenance of communities around the world including advisers to hacking growth, public relations, partnerships, affiliate programs, etc. 5% for legal fees. 6% for incidental charges.

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