PROPERTY COIN is exclusive you to participate in the token are supported by a diverse portfolio diversification diversified real estate professionally and loans that cannot be found using Aperture technology platform.
Our vision is to foster a Property Coin (PCX) into a property portfolio and loans valued at $1 billion which revitalize neighborhoods, promoting affordable housing and pay tribute to our investors with a value and value.
Coins of the property designed to allow us to develop the business of the estate (Aperture) that uses a combination of proprietary technology, market analysis, and human expertise to take advantage of investment opportunities in the global residential real estate valued at $ 162 trillion.
the market.

Capital provided by investors Coins the property will be used to foster investment property investment and loan origination to the scale of the market traditionally have less discipline and institutional creativity. Our management team has extensive experience in operating, managing and developing business in scale and has operated in the heart of the platform is the largest asset class in the world.

What is Aperture?
The aperture is the technology real estate and investment company based in California that focuses to acquire, rehabilitate and reduce the real estate investment and loan write to smaller investors with the same strategy.

In their career, our team is estimated to be approaching more than $150 billion of real estate financing transactions, inflation more than 3,000 properties, provide more than $10 billion of mortgage loans and the creation of proprietary technology system for multiple banks the world’s largest investment. To date, we have produced an annual return on investment of more than 50%.

How does it work?
Aperture will invest 100% of the result Property Coin Coins Property (PCX, LLC and its affiliates).
Each Coin holder Property will have a fractional percentage of all assets on entities purchase Property Coin (PCX, LLC and its affiliates). Coin holders are also entitled to 50% of net profit from property investments and loans. Aperture will reinvest profits in new real estate investment related, with the intention to create the effect of a natural price for the award holder coin.

Coin tech Property securitization traditional format coins, and created in conjunction with one of the most respected law firms in the area of structured finance.
We plan to increase to $50 million to be invested in property investment opportunities and loans.
We have tested our beta systems and methods since the year 2016, making property investment a real world with our own capital. This test has resulted in denial about 99.8% of the investment opportunities that exist and we choose only 0.2% of the best opportunities to view. To date we have produced over 50% IRR are not negligent toward our investment.

Sales Structure Token
Designed for growth
Aperture believes that there are opportunities for the growth of a significant investment in reversing the lender and investor in the market.
System of the operational infrastructure of the aperture and have been designed specifically with the potential scale of the material. In the end, it is estimated, if Successful, we can manage your property investment and loans worth billions of dollars

Currencies accepted
The US, Ether and Bitcoin Dollars will be accepted during the Coin Coins Property.
The Price Of The PCX

The initial price per coin property will be set to be $50. Thus, the number of token PCX which was originally purchased by the investor based on the exchange rate to be determined PCX USD to BTC/ETH at the time of the sale.

Time sales
As a result of the potential scale of the operation, and market opportunities, there is no limit to the total funds expended by the ICO. Instead, these limits have been placed on the length of the line where the coin was originally going to Properties available for sale.
Property coin Coin will be broadcast in February 2018 and is expected to take place until the end of May.

Discount ICO
Purchase Coins Property can be done with the following discount rates at the time of the following described below:

Feb 26-11 March 2018-20% discount
-Mar 12-25 March 2018 15% discount
-26 March-8 April 2018 10% discount
April 9-22 April 2018-discount 5%
-The moment or after 23 April 2018 full price.

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