Property Coin Professionally Managed Portfolio of Real Estate Assets Via the Blockchain

Property Coin is exclusive you to participate in the token that is backed by real estate and loan portfolios are diversified and professionally managed not found using proprietary technology platform Aperture. What Is Aperture? The aperture is the technology real estate and investment company based in California that focuses on the acquisition, rehabilitation and placement of the real depressed and housing loan wrote to smaller investors with the same strategy.
During this prusahaan is already a partner of their business and is expected to be involved in the closing of more than $150 billion of real estate financing transactions, inflating the more than 3,000 properties, origin of more than $10 billion in mortgage loans and doubling technology introduction of new stock offerings in the world. Although Coins the property focused on U.s. real estate market, available for purchase by investors from all over the world, and when the condition of the property market in the future, Aperture will see fit to invest in global property markets.
How does Coins property?
Each Coin holder Property will have a fractional percentage of all assets on entities purchase  property coin (PCX, LLC and its affiliates). Coin holders are also entitled to 50% of the net profit from property investments and loans. Aperture will reinvest the profits in new real estate investment related, with the intention to create the effect of a natural price for the award holder coin. Coin tech Property securitization of the traditional format of coins, and was created in conjunction with one of the most respected law firms in the area of structured finance.

Uncovering investment opportunities
Our systems to identify, analyze and give a value of about 1,000 properties per day (average), looking for attractive investment properties. In this book, we see more opportunities than we currently have capital to invest. Although we can include working capital 100 million dollars very quickly, we are trying to collect $50 + million through  with plans to increase more in line with the growth of our platform.
Property Coin is the only opportunity we are aware of the existence of direct investments diversified exposure to improve housing and setbacks
asset classes. Property coin is the opportunity to have a rebate from the improvements instituted and diverse portfolio, as well as flip and loans.
The potential value of real estate assets owned by the holder of the PCX (based on net investment early $100)Growing the population of home buyers seller is liquid properties of Aperture (affordable) prices in our markets. Affordable home buyers tend to first home buyers or “moving house” home buyers looking for more places this buyer is the fastest growing segment of the U.S. Population (2).
The age of the population Working Group and year according to the U.S.
As a result of the scale of operations of our potential, and market opportunities, there is no limit placed on the total funds expended from the ICO. Instead, these limits have been placed on the length of a timeline in which Coins the property initially will be available for sale. Property coin Coin will be broadcast in February 2018 and is expected to take place until the end of May.
Discount ICO
Purchase Coins Property can be done with the following discounted prices at the time of the following described below:
26 Feb-11 March 2018 discount 20%
12 March-25 March 2018 15% discount
26 March-8 April 2018 10% discount
9 April-22 April 2018 discount 5%
On or after 23 April 2018 full price

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