Quantocoin will Disrupt Banking

Quantocoin – The scope of digital banking and cryptocurrencies is spread over time in large areas. In the meantime, new studies and services are needed in this field. Banking is an area with a lot of risks when viewed from the perspective of participants. In addition to being more than the services took in this sector, ensuring the validity and reliability of such services will help you to perform your operations in an easier and risk-free manner. In this article, I would like to talk about the Quantocoin project, which is prepared with all the problems encountered in the digital banking sector, which will keep your expectations at a high level.

What is Quantocoin?
The Quantocoin project is built on the Quantocoin platform by establishing a bridge link in the financial sphere with the traditional banking sector created with blockchain technology plus your investments, participation and all the services you receive Will be a great pioneer in performing your transactions. The Quantocoin project is one of the most common problems in the digital banking sector, with significant efforts to easily translate the cryptocurrencies into real currencies.
Quantocoin has integrated your banking transactions into the mobile application. In this way, mobile applications, iOS, and Android-based downloads and real currencies can be carried out using the cryptocurrencies. This application will be implemented by integrating the NFC system into the payment method we call the POS device. However, not all services will be made available to smartphones, but also on computers and tablets. Enters the QR code into the circuit when the NFC system is unable to provide concurrent concurrency. It is completely digital and generates quick responses to payments.

By integrating the Quantocoin project into the traditional banking system, many services are offered to participants. Some of them offer a wide range of services such as international money transfers, debit cards, currency purchases or sales transactions, bank application payments and microfinance.

The Quantocoin project guarantees consumers ‘ accounts by providing reliable and valid accounts for each participant using the blockchain technology plus. It offers a new bio-identity application. The Quantocoin project contains an important study on the financial development of the cryptocurrencies.

» Wallet: Wire transfer, exchange, transfer
» Geofencing: Functional proximity feature
» Micro-finance and lending: Quantocoin lending
» Crypto Asset: Managing Tokens
» Fast cash: Daily Crypto money
» Social Payment: Secure internal chat

When the team members of the Quantocoin project are examined, it is correct to say that they are experts in their field. Blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and in many areas of marketing area have a lot of knowledge. However, the project is at the forefront with the leadership of the industry and the Quantocoinprojects are carried out with these leaders. The team who wants to take a professional job as a team comes together and aims to maximize the project.

ICO and Token Information
Token Name: Quantocoin
Token symbol: QTCT
1 QTC Price: 1.2 US Dollar
Blockchain: Waves
Hard Cap: 70 Million US dollar
Soft CAP: 3 Million US dollar
Total supply: 99 million QTCT
Minimum Investment: 100 OTCT
Payment methods: BTC-ETH-Fiat

The Quantocoin project provides transparency in the banking sector, enabling reliable and effective transactions. When creating the Platform project, it takes fast use, reliability and productivity to the center, so individuals who are restricted to banking services and who are not actively able to benefit from the more meaningful and easy digital banking sector, quantocoin can easily take advantage of the project and perform its operations in a profitable way. However, it is undoubtedly possible to see the project being maximized when the problem in the transition to real currencies in the cryptocurrencies initiates the solution process and the expertise of the team members is taken into consideration.

Website: https://www.quantocoin.io
WhitePaper: https://quantocoin.io/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/WP_QTC_2562018-TESTING2-1.pdf
ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2897398.0
Telegram: https://t.me/QTCcoin
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Quantocoin
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/qtcdto
Medium: https://medium.com/@Quantocoin
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