Quras-A decentralized smart contract platform for Cloud and IOT!

Quras Project The next generation of intelligent platform trading private practices, cloud-to-anonymous cloud safety, IOT The Quras project expands and expands its scope to provide intelligent and secure solutions for a wide variety of applications. This begins with a passion for creating a secure and unprofitable blockchain for the medical industry to achieve levels of security and effectiveness to assist caregivers who were previously unmanageable. Healthcare for the revolution in data storage – Kuala Lumpur is ready to change business and personal ways to identify “safe”, while the use of open source approaches is completely protected from external interference, rights, data, Manage your assets completely.
How to Work Instead of a global blockchain, there is a DAG called Dolls. This doll diagram is a great book to save the transaction. Each button in the DAG contains a release CPU transaction. To publish a transaction, the button must approve two previous transactions. Accepted transactions are represented as the edges of the chart. Therefore, the transaction generated by the button creates a tangle of sets
We are very concerned about user safety and can ensure that Quras use the latest built-in security features, such as knowledge-free systems, Tor, and. Using the latest advances in user security, Quras can address anonymously when it comes to transactions and communications, giving users new levels of control and protection on their resources. Their.
CLOUD and great data
Develop traditional online storage technologies (such as AWS) and use the latest distributed network technologies (such as Tor) – Quras Ensure that there is no risk of security breach or server leaks. Our file storage encoder is world class and a safer way to share/store data and complete transactions.
Iot The merger of the Blockchain and DAG protocols made transaction approval quicker and without damage. 
Intelligent Agreement
transaction costs for the number of properties are calculated when the transaction starts with the issuer with its own token, which is used to maintain the system’s sustainability. Users can also use our Smart contract system in use to create applications that will be distributed by  Quras. POW Quras not embedded in either the energy is high enough, and there will be no concept of data mining.
POW Quras are not entrenched in a high energy consumption, no concept of data mining. When a block is created, GAS is divided into dividends to run owners based on the amount of ownership. Whenever the token holder can receive compensation, including anonymous transport costs.
Quras – All approved transactions can be returned to the Origin node. Because each transaction release node validates two other transactions, the whole of the nodes contributes to the security of the accounting books. To review or approve two previous transactions for a node, you must resolve the problem of computational difficulties. The likelihood of more than average problems being solved in a short period of time is very low. In order to break the system, the attacker would have to introduce a copy of the verified site that simulates the approval of the existing Web site. Attackers must be able to solve many problems in a short period of time. If a validated node encounters an anomaly within a transaction, this node ignores the node and the transaction has not yet been validated. The number of nodes/sites has been confirmed more and more difficult for attackers. In the blockchain, the extraction cost required for the calculation. Everyone in the Puppet theater provides computers to others and makes free trades.

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