Quras– Many organizations in the world use big data in their activities. You need to create a platform that provides security and data security. In the United States, the health and insurance industries use big data to ensure that their customers are accounted for. Incorrectly documented customers in an insurance company or patient records can be costly to hospitals and other companies. Displaced patient records can be life-threatening, and this may increase the likelihood that the patient will be treated incorrectly. You must use a platform that provides data security and security. With the help of Quras companies can be sure that the data will be safe and secure blockchain because they store data on a permanent basis.

Quras is a platform for crypto-tokens and smart contracts that use the knowledge of the Quras to provide a secure and secure platform that the user can use to communicate between IoT gadgets. Data is used to create a more intelligent response from an IoT gadget using computer-based learning. Users who use the Quras platform or a natural person who might want to use it for big data can create or use a Quras token to manage their own crypto or intellectual Contracts on a blockchain that uses Quras. Quras supports and applies a wide range of IOT tools and applications, such as training devices, home appliances, sportswear, medical equipment, audit programs, and loyalty services and programs. Quras represents an unconventional solution for processing and studying big data in a number of domains that include; Online storage, healthcare,

Price Quras
These are the functional tokens that you plan to use to compensate (Quras tokens) to use the Quras platform (the Quraschain platform). Quras coins are designed to provide token users and owner access to the Quras platform. The Quraschain platform and Quras coins are not intended for an indicative enterprise or investment. No promises regarding the future performance or value of Quras coins are made, but other privileges associated with the availability of Quras coins are indicated. The Quras team invests heavily in ensuring the safety and security of the services provided by Quras. The coins will be in use for Quras use or storage of data by those who are knowledgeable and experienced in technology blockchain, especially in the cryptographic token, transfer, use, and acquisition of data to get services provided by Quras or the platform Quraschain.

Sale of coins and its features.
The Kura-coin will be earned when users will use the Quraschain platform. Through real trading function, P2P chat and social function users will get a coin quras. The coin can be transferred or used by users. Coin Quras already uses a decentralized platform named as “decentralized Quras platform ” to use the dentist and the patient based on the contributions already made to the community.
Quras uses the latest technology to ensure that the user’s privacy is maintained. It uses Tor and zeroes knowledge systems to ensure security and privacy. It also allows users to maintain secrecy when it comes to communication and transactions, offering the user A level of protection against corruption and control over their assets.

The protocol of the DAG-Protocol FLC and the Blockchain made transactional consent unlifted and fast. With technology IoT,  Quras ready to run a huge flow of connection of large data and can optimize the data that has been produced so that it becomes a communications network very anonymous and secure.

Why should people invest in Quras?
The implementation of Quras will be implemented in such a way as to reduce the price of the cloud storage platform and offer a gigantic diffuse space for large data validation. Qurascoin, which has a distributed cloud storage platform, allows distributed network clients to rent space on their hard drive to other people.

Thanks to Quras technology be sure to get secure, encrypted and secure cloud storage users can use Meta disk and Drive-Share applications to rent or lease their space on their hard drive in the system Quras. With a quras, decentralized platform, it can act as a replacement for another cloud-based storage system, such as DropBox or google drive. For health care providers, they can use the Quras platform, where their health database can be stored permanently on the network.

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