QURREX is much faster than any existing cryptoexchange

Today the review will be devoted to the project Qurrex-a multifunctional trading platform, which combines several elements. The namely hybrid system of: 
1. Centralized node; 
2. The functionality of the client, which meets the requirements of advanced users; 
3. Blockchain network, which solves the problems of secure storage of information, and provides liquidity from all nodes of the network. 
The Qurrex platform is designed for the future, for the upcoming explosion of trade growth in the bitcoin world. 
In fact, it is the first platform of cryptocurrency exchange on the basis of high-performance architecture from the leading international trading platforms. Solves problems of both future and real users. 
 If we consider in more detail the problems of the existing cryptocurrency exchanges, we can distinguish the following basic: 
1. The poorly debugged function of security, reliability, and transparency of operations and solutions; 
2. Lack of platforms combining multifunctionality, the presence of only niche offers; 
3. Lack of opportunity to conduct a universal exchange adapted for a specific client; 
4. Reluctance to change to real demands of consumers. 
 All this has led to the development of the Qurrex project. 
Today, in fact, there are already enough projects trying to combine the decentralized crypto and solve the problems described above. But in the course of their launch, new difficulties emerge, such as problems of speed, liquidity, ensuring the execution of transactions, the establishment of automated processes and work with artificial intelligence. 
 And even if a platform promises to solve these nuances, the creators of Qurrex believe that this is just a marketing move that allows promoting their product faster. 
 Features and advantages of Qurrex: * Openness and transparency of operations, safety. This will be achieved by the following measures: Quarterly report on the activities of the exchange, regular independent audit, the announcement of audit results, creation of a board of independent experts, providing full information to the user about State of his account. 
 Liquidity. A fund of permanent active investors is being created and separate instruments such as futures are also used. 
 * Convenient interface. Easy-to-learn interface with advanced functionality. 
 * Social trading. 
 Who will be interested in this platform? 
1. Private investors who will receive tools for performing operations and analysis; 
2. Other kriptovaljutnym exchanges with low liquidity; 
3. Brokers who are looking for a single platform; 
4. Corporate investors; 
5. Arbitrageurs and other market participants. 
 Main technical characteristics of the projects: 
* Reliability, scalability, modularity, high availability; 
* Ability to quickly/easily integrate with the technological solutions of existing players in the financial market, as well as with settlement and blockchain systems; 
 * Operation of the platform, calculations, and clear in real time; 
 * Capacity for > 70000 operations per second, the speed of operation on < 800 ms; 
 * Trade interface formats recognized by the financial community. 
The Qurrex token. 
Token functions: 
* Individual discount for the payment of commission fees accrued for the organization of the bidding; 
 * Environment for payment of services and fees with other currencies; 
 * Quoted commodity exchange, Cryptotoken. 
The token type is ERC20.
A total of 70 million tokens will be issued. 
Of them will be sold during the bidding of 55 million. 
Price: 1 QRX = 1 USD payment: ETH, BTC, LTC team. 
The team of the project is very professional, fully competent and immersed in the scope of its project. have been engaged in the platform since 2016. 
Total. The developers create a platform of the next generation which will gain the trust of professional players of the stock exchange due to the significant increase of market liquidity and delivery of a new standard set of Exchange products. By 2020, they plan to be available to all participants in the market. 
By the way, the community was very interested in holding Preico. They quickly collected the minimum. Now is the main stage of sales, and softkap they plan to collect 30 days from the beginning of the bidding, which is likely more than real. 
A professional strong team gives confidence in the project. They received high marks on various ICO review platforms. 
Also, I would like to note that the creators took care of high-quality and detailed white paper. The document consists of more than 60 pages with detailed technical and financial description. This allows investors to study and analyze everything in detail. Usually you meet the documents maximum of pages on 30 with absolutely not concrete text. So there is something to explore. 

Web Site: https://qurrex.com
Whitepaper: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1klzZPHdjCBnurHCJjJbjwsed_5rx4W1U/view
ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2899211
Twitter : https://twitter.com/qurrex
Facebook :https://www.facebook.com/qurrex
Telegram : https://t.me/qurrex_chat
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