Rateonium – Today our conversation with you will go about such direction as the quality of reviews in one or another direction. Agree, day by day, we are increasingly trying to believe what is written on the internet, those who have already tried this product or know about it absolutely everything. Thanks to this come with a move to purchase this product or service, which entails a total. Either this product will suit us and confirm these reviews or vice versa, upset. But, then we can leave a review ourselves, that would, such as us, could also read it and decide whether to buy or not. So, but this direction has a huge problem. First of all, it is the anonymity and safety of our data, which leads to the exclusion of this area.

Secondly, there is no bonus for your work, that is simply, roughly speaking, you do the work to thank you. Thus, we need a high-quality solution, which will take this sphere to a new level and users are eager to start evaluating the case, creating reviews and writing real comments. So, there is a project that wants to take a niche in this area. Meet a project called Rateonium. I’m not going to tell you now.

About the project:
Rateonium-At its core is a project that implements a huge pile of ratings of various organizations. The most precious thing of the project is that due to its simple and clear interface it allows any company of users to establish their legitimate connection with one or another business, by giving more clear reviews, and most importantly qualitative and Truthful comments. The Project toolkit is very saturated and gives users the maximum convenience to create quality content. Rateonium  Another advantage is the multilingualism, it eliminates the language barrier in this area and allows to maximize the service.

Consider the main advantages of this project:
1. Chesney reviews. Thanks to the innovative review reviews, you can be sure that in front of you, not any fake, and what is not on the present and most importantly honest feedback. This will help to eliminate fraud in this area.
2. Innovative the security of personal data. This is achieved by such a glorious thing as encryption. That is, users are guaranteed the fact that their data will be at any time in safety, thus achieving the main factor of modernity.
3. A large number of partners gives a guarantee to the user that he will be able to survey the projects and get a decent reward for it, which is very appealing to any simple user.
4. All awards will be paid to users in the form of an internal project token. This token you can either apply on the project itself or implement it on the stock exchange.

Also, this project will be useful not only to simple users but also to all business, starting from small and finishing world giants. This will also be achieved by maximizing the transparency of this sphere through the introduction of new technologies such as blockchain and smart contracts.

Now a few words about the ICO of this project:
The token will be called: RTC.
It is planned to release: 801 703 971 Touken RTC.
Date of the main stage of sales: From August 25, 2018, to September 25, 2018.
Minimum sales target: 32 000 ETH.
Maximum sales target: 84 234 ETH.

Conclusion :
Rateonium  I would like to say that I just do reviews on projects and express my opinion about a particular product, as well as the implementation of ideas that are offered to us by developers. I do not in any way encourage you to invest because investment is a matter of personal decision of each user. Also, I am not a financial expert who could give advice on investments. You take these decisions purely by yourself. I would like to remind you that I do not bear any responsibility for your investment. Read my reviews and learn a lot of interesting things. Have a good day!

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