Realtycoin – New Platform Investment Real Estate

RealityCoin is a new product from a new company was founded, called Inversiones Derezunsky SpA. Company tax ID is 76.797.127-3 and located in Santiago, Chile. We launched our project and issued coins RTC with the aim of buying real estate with the lowest prices around the world and then sell them a higher price, so get a lot of benefits to it

Real estate is what is called a green market that guarantees long-term profits are great over your investment. RealtyCoin is a product from a new company called Inversiones Derezunsky SpA based in Santiago, Chile. Their idea is simple: buy a property with a lower price and then sell them at a higher price, thus generating huge profits in the process. 10% of any profit would be distributed evenly among all the investors.

The company did not purchase any property in the market and only deal with certain types of real estate:
Property crumble
Abandoned property
Forced to sell to the bank
Property get caught up in legal issues
Properties that require direct buyers

Why should we invest in RTC
Good team work
The business is based on real estate that served as collateral for the investments You
No need to consider the minimum investment required
No need to consider personal background
Invested amount you want
The company’s strategic location
Guarantee agreement for our investors
There is a new opportunity to buy real estate at a low cost.

RealtyCoin is a decentralized crypto based on blockchain technology and smart contract Ethereum. We believe that a new era is crypto coins in the real estate market. RealtyCoin will revolutionize the world of real estate in terms of breaking the limitations and restrictions of individual-owned when investing in property. There is no doubt that real estate is an asset most convenient in the world and definitely, it is a solid investment. RealtyCoin aims to improve global real estate market, which it is estimated could reach more than 200 trillion dollars. While our investment holders investing in assets that are in great demand in Chile, the project was then developed in other parts of the world. With the help of their respective contributions, we will acquire the property with low price, and then sell them for profit.

It is divided into two parts
-Acquisition of property

The property will be acquired with money obtained from investors through the ICO. The property will be sold for a higher price and a yield of 10% will be distributed to investors as dividends. With the passing of this process, the price of the RTC is going up.
The company also aims to make RTC an acceptable means of payment in the real estate market.

RTC is a symbol and token 1 RTC = 0.00036 ETH. All payments will only be accepted at the ETH or BTC.
Pre-sales are conducted from November 17, 2017 – 17 December 2018 and minimum purchase set at 0.5 ET or 1410 RTC.
ICO held on December 17, 2017 and will last until January 31, 2018. The soft cap is $500,000 USD. Sales volume target for the token is 500 million. Out of this:
200 million will be available for sale the token.
75 million of the bonus provided for ICO.
150 million reserved for team RealtyCoin.
75 million reserved for early adopters in pre-sales


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