REDCAB Future Transportation Solutions Using Blockchain Technology

RedCab LLC offers a decentralized transport solution for people. Use of blockchain technology, proof of right to manage and improvement of marketing concepts. It is also a unique business model of a transparent, accessible and innovative future. RedCab is a law firm founded in 2016 as a platform for the joint use of vehicles in the community and business sector, started its active development in 2017. The project has a specific roadmap for the future of peer-level transport services.
All REDCAB activities will be moved to a decentralized natural structure, which will also be equipped with Dapps that will run on P2P as well as in the blockchain network. This guarantees honest and transparent operation of the whole service. Distinctive features are the fact that the driver’s driving level is clearly visible, which in turn can earn a token of the given ecosystem for excellent driving.
Using RedCab tokens, both drivers and customers will get a huge profit, as it gives the lowest price for travel, as well as the convenience of access to the service and its payment.
Both private individuals and corporate organizations will find tokens RedCab irreplaceable in the near future, and this would create a huge demand for tokens, and therefore a high profit for its owners.
Redcab LLC, issuers of Redcab token, has a clear business model aimed at securing transactions for individuals and legal entities, supported by a very powerful technology platform.
RedCab LLC is supported by a very strong team of experts and advisers who understand the diversity and dynamics of the transport industry. They combined their experience and deep solution of problems and challenges in the transport industry with the help of blockchain technology.
This is a great opportunity that no one should miss. If you pass by this project, in the future you will be very sorry that you have not made the only right decision. I strongly recommend that everyone be part of this huge Kriptovaljutnogo project, support it and purchase Redcab tokens.
The project already has a ready mobile application, which you can easily download by clicking the link:
 iTunes
 Play. google
The total amount of token sales is 100 million REDC. The sale of coins will begin on June 1, 2018, and last until August 15, 2018. If you want to be a part of this enriching great project and want high profit for your investment in the near future, act now!
Information about the RedCab and ICO marker:
The sale of tokens began on June 1, 2018, at 00:00 GMT and ends on August 15, 2018, 23:59 GMT or until all tokens are sold.
Token information
 Accepted currency for the sale of tokens: Ethereum
 Token ticket: Redc
 Token type: erc20
 Soft cap: 2143 ETH
 Cost: 1 FL = 2333 Redc
 Hard cap: 24529 ETH
 Min. purchase: 0.1 eth = 233.3 REDC
 I sincerely advise all of you to look into this project. It is quite original and thanks to the technology blockchain will bring a lot of benefits to ordinary people, and investors a good profit. 
You can find all the necessary information by following the links below:

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