REMCO Remittance Tokens Use a Revolutionary Money Transmission Token

REMCO is the world’s first platform to provide easy-to-use distributed platforms for fast and secure transfer of money to all, using digital multi-core technologies and platforms. Self-service for B2B.
Remco offers to launch a digital remittance token to connect the sender and receiver without intermediaries, easily transferring to a mobile phone that will connect two more people. The Remco Transferitt token uses revolutionary programmable translation tokens and APIs that allow companies to send money around the world to coin yards and adjust their own codes.
And the platform API generates a token generated by the Remco platform to allow each transfer of information to each authorized transfer service, to a map to which access is available, and is programmed to move value and construction equipment. ,
Remco will collaborate with the Vtnglobal, INC. As a company used by leading money transfer partners who handle more than 700 million dollars, which will be the first customer and partner to translate the funds. Remco operates and is controlled in the United States. Since 2017.
Remco goals and Benefits
The Remco platform aims to develop and deliver practical and variable technologies for remittances, especially remittances in order to change the façade of the industry, to encourage key stakeholders and to add, comfort, control, and Accessibility for consumers. REMCO Programmers can work on our global platform to transfer money. Remco is the world’s first distribution platform for transfers, as well as a number of features and benefits, including:
Blockchain protocol
Remco uses the blockchain protocol, which does not require third-party POWs and almost worthless. The result is unmatched speed and cost savings for the user.
Authorization was successful
With more than a decade of experience connecting to third-party payments and banking infrastructure, our platform works!
Quick Payment
No more waiting for batch processing or other slow payment processes.
Commission for agents
We simplify the process of transactions for resellers and even offer bonuses based on the parameters of the sender.
Artificial Intelligence plus human experience
The elements of this platform will become more intelligent thanks to AI, and the unique platform will be the result of many years of experience in construction and payments, combining them with banks, bank transfers, and other infrastructure providers and compliance Central bank.
Sales token
 Own Remco sales method. Sale of Private tokens. Sales to organizations and individuals.
 Status should start in TBD
 Price $0.04/Remco
 A minimum contribution of USD 10 000 US or equivalent
 Public Press
 During this time Remco will provide registered members of the REMCO community
 With early access to Remittancetoken. Details will be published through the Remco social networking site
 Television channels.
 Status should start in TBD
 Price $0.06/Remco
 Public sale There will be no discount for the sale of promotional cards Remco.
 The status of this event will begin immediately after the state pre-sale is completed
 Price USD 0.08
 Minimum TBD contribution

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