Remiit – Catalyst of Globalization through Decentralized Remittance & Payment

REMIIT  is a decentralized platform that unites businesses and private users to conduct money transfers based on the principles of openness and trust. Realization of the idea is made on the basis of blockchain technology. The working tool is the Smartcontractsystem application.

The main essence of the project
The developers set an ambitious goal to build a revolutionary platform for making money transfers through blockchain-technologies. The ecosystem will open up new possibilities and allow to scale business in the sector of various financial operations. It is implied that in REMIIT Ecosystem each participant is placed in the center of business relations and can create various channels for exchange and transfer of electronic money. Tokens will be used as the working currency.

Internal cryptocurrency will be applied inside the system. In order to reduce the risks associated with the volatility of tokens, the developers divided them into two parts: REMI and REMD. Such a principle will reduce exchange rate fluctuations and provide stability of the course growth. The REMI tokens will serve as a reward for mining. As a result, a certain amount can be converted to REMD. It is REMD to determine the index border, to carry out currency transactions and transfers. Also, REMDwill serve as a guarantor of reliability in the execution of operations.

The two-tier system of tokens allows you to monitor the development of exchange differences and keep the situation under control. Operations within the platform will be carried out using smart contracts and a unique protocol.

Smart Contracts and REMIIT protocol
The target audience is the market participants whose commercial activity is directly connected with the implementation of international money transfers. The ecosystem will allow operations with reduced commission fees. In this case, the smart contract will have access to the extended B2B network. That is, the application of the blockchain technology will become an absolute innovation and an unprecedented act that would erase the borders between States and continents.

Using the resource, market participants are able to observe the status of the transaction, exchange information and data. Each smart contract is a dedicated channel for the participants, ensuring transparency and a high level of security when entering into transactions.
Summing up, we can mention a number of key advantages of the REMIIT platform in the field of international transfers:
 Lower interest rate B2C.
 Leveling of borders between states.
 Bringing the currency to a single denominator.
 Decentralization of transactions.
 Use of RSC to protect and secure transactions at a high level.
 Transparency of operations.
 Unique channel for the participants of each transaction.
 Escrow functions.

Peculiarities of the project development
REMIIT  Economic activity in the field of international transfers is still niche and quite closed branch of economic activity. Implementation of decentralized technologies and peering principle of interaction is a slow and laborious process, which requires coordinated work of developers and potential ca. The advent of the platform is designed to change things. Operation of the tools of the system-smart contracts REMIIT serves as the criterion of acceptance of the system blockchain the key players of the market. Since the technology provides a high level of protection and transparency of transactions and can be used for various business services related to transfers and payment systems.

Ticker: REMI
1 REMI = 0.01 USD

Soft Cap 5 million USD
Hard cap 20 million USD
For sale: 40%
Community: 2%
Partners: 5%
Advisers: 5%
Fund: 10%
Market development: 10%
Reserve: 13%
Team: 15%
The system’s developers are competent specialists in the field of software engineering, financial and banking operations, marketing. The mission of the organization is to create a product that will fully meet the needs of the market.

The creators of the REMIIT ecosystem provided the platform with all the necessary tools for transactions in the field of money transfers. The use of REMIIT Smart contract will make business scalable, and the ecosystem is built in such a way that each participant is located in the center of business relations.

By creating an ecosystem, developers have staked on the existing reputation of blockchain technology as a reliable and transparent tool. The decentralized money transfer application goes beyond the standard functions and opens up to each market participant a wide range of opportunities for safe operation. Will the platform and its cryptocurrency be in demand? It is difficult to say at the moment because, despite the high level of security, the sphere of international transfers is one of the most closed branches of economic activity.

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