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Rento  is a global exchange platform for businesses and individuals that allow you to rent properties. Unlike the market competitors, Rento offers rental objects to people, instead of just focusing on a market (car, apartment).

In addition, Rento uses blockchain technology to enforce strong economies through smart contracts, the safe rental conditions they meet and the parties can accept each other to provide and return the product or service. Rentoresearch Economic exchange of people’s daily lives around the world, reducing waste in the economy and allowing many people to use various services and products without assuming the cost of owning each category.

The concept of economic sharing is based on economic resources. And that’s what Rento wants. Rento  provides mobile applications (and Web platforms) that allow users to record non-lease or shared properties on this platform. Each Rento list includes resources or main resources aspects, such as real time rental rates, available schedules, photo entries, or videos, specific parameters and conditions for content.

Rento provides a wide range of products and services, mainly aimed at businesses and services providers to complete many resource platforms available to ensure the first platform will be sufficient resources to consumers find them attractive Lead. Rento will be launched with the main list segment, such as appliances, lawn mowers or snow blowing machines, at a higher cost, such as conference rooms and conference rooms, construction equipment, parking and human resources. In addition to developing an exchange platform, Rento has plans to create at least one proof of brick rental and mortar shop for the concept of ecosystem exchange.

The purpose of Rento is to promote the economy and the industry has not yet been noted. He can face the fierce competition from the player. Airbnb, employed rental/real estate rentals, and Turo, has worked to hire a private car, is one of the main competitors. However, this competition is limited in some and in some items provided. Example. Airbnb focuses solely on renting space to entertain, as many people also need a temporary office space. Probably not in many geographical areas. Also, no one is involved with the company. For the entire enterprise, there are many types of equipment that can be shared among people but there is no way for people to access other people’s equipment, and there is no proper way to test the reliability of the system. From agriculture to construction to office equipment, the potential for a large-scale exchange economy.

The Rento token applies to the server by electronic funds. Although the original charge is based on ERC 20, the company will conduct rento for the Proofchain of-Authority of Restore search blockchain. Although all transactions in the Rento application will be based on smart contracts and will make transactions and escrow secured in any currency (crypto and Fiat), smart transactions and transactions will only be calculated on Rento code

There is currently no  Rento  market token and perhaps this market may not appear or quite loose in the future due to many different cases, including, among other cases, the ability to transfer the rights granted by limited marks. Therefore, the user will not be able to deduct the Rento token or make or cancel any rights.

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