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Rento  I discovered a replacement company World Health Organization has an ICO. the businesses name is Rento and since I actually have used services like what they decide to provide I wished to jot down concerning them. I actually have used Airbnb and automotive sharing serves like Toro. I liked victimization them. Airbnb created transaction my space out straightforward as I took four months to travel.

It saved Pine Tree State plenty of cash I created additional then what my rent was. I might work long hours around downtown urban center, therefore, I patterned I rent my automotive out on days I used to be operating. it absolutely was simply sitting around for ten hours every day. I created sensible cash concerning $30-$40 greenbacks daily it absolutely was rented, concerning 1-2 days per week. I additionally hosted as a CouchSurfer to supply a lebensraum for international travelers. it absolutely was fun meeting folks from different countries. I learned from them, they were forever nice shopping for Pine Tree State gifts and that I have to be compelled to show them around the urban center.

The point is I and plenty of others like to facilitate others, save resources, save others cash and additionally create some cash. The house of sharing your belongings/services is very tiny compared to what proportion we have a tendency to use on a usual. it is the last chance and that I like what Rento is making an attempt to try to.

1. they’re aiming to be everything in one sharing app. accept sharing no matter you wish. you’ll be able to rent a hammer if you’re feeling like. most likely possibly things like your automotive, home, physics, services(babysitting, technician work, consulting, ect.) Rento  and the rest important. it’ll be sort of a vast marketplace were you promote what you have got to supply and loan those things for a profit.
2. straightforward to prepare. I’m based mostly within the U.S.A. that isn’t Rentos market. Rento is specializing in Europe, however, the massive players here within the U.S.A. also are in Europe. Airbnb and Toro to call the massive ones. They solely provide one factor in their rental connections. Rento desires to form it easier and bigger. you’ll be able to do each transaction your automotive and home/real estate via Rento. {again|once additional} you’ll be able to rent/provide even more than that. that is straightforward and everyone in one. I like it.
3. To labor a touch additional on the point the app/p2p sharing market is tiny. folks use things every day and the way abundant stuff does one have birthing|parturition|birth|giving birth|birthing} around that you simply required once and is simply laying around? losing price. It’s nice to be ready to share your resources and this is often a really helpful massive market that’s untapped.
4.  The very last thing I need to say is that the token.  The token ICO isn’t out there within us. The token is going to be however folks obtain fees for victimization the Rento app/service. presently Rento is within the second spherical of their ICO with fifteen days remaining. they’re merchandising the tokens at a price of .02 cents. the value vary for token sales is from .01 cents to .12 cents. presently its terribly discounted. I believe given the business model the token has vast space for increasing in price.

Profit from the primary international Sharing App:-
Rento  creates Associate in Nursing scheme for the event of sharing economy. Not solely are you able to cut back consumption, however additionally exploit sharing unused stuff you already own. At Rento watch out of our investors. By manufacturing leading-edge blockchain technology for securing transactions between users, we tend to produce demand for Rento token. whereas mistreatment our blockchain is going to be nonmandatory on our app, it’s safe to assume that additional users we have the additional our token are going to be valued. do not wait!
Benefits for Rento token holders:-

Lowest worth for Rento token, which is able to be used as a fee on RentoBlockchain
Easier for ICO participants to become a Rento Model Store franchise owner
Cheapest deposit to participate within the Rento Model Store Franchise
Helping the expansion of sharing economy
The possibility of being a Rento Shareholder, when we tend to receive a license
After the issue of the safety Token, shareholders can receive dividends from company profits

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