REPUX Developers Buy the Data to Train Machine Learning Algorithms

REPUX offers the best transparency project you have ever experienced at a crypto world. Repux made clear and open for investors and users of risks and the accuracy inherent in projects and their progress. This does not guarantee 100% success because it could happen, but could convince the investor team that works tirelessly to ensure the success of the project.

Publication Medium that develops tell us why some ICO project will run and the other will not do. You will see that a lot of newbies are working to implement solutions blockchain however face a three (3) types of challenges:
The lack of substantial ideas;
Select the wrong method to execute the idea (not all projects benefit from the integration of blockchain);
The lack of tools to be implemented, such as time, funding, equipment or experience.

Vision and mission of RepuX
We have a vision to improve the reputation of the security and the reputation data. Bring new life to your requirements and data transfer system by creating a secure protocol between those who generate, collect and use data; This is to provide results that are meaningful to your business. By using the Protocol that we’ve made, the manufacturers of data can easily access this data to end users and applications with a User Token RepuX.
We will also make the RepuX Token, which can be used as a tool for a variety of transactions in various industries, and can be used for purchase or replacement products and services. Because of the reputation and the use of protocols of RepuX increases, the value part will also increase and we will be adding additional value to her.

Like the gold data question in the digital economy. Small and large businesses rely on access to data to target customers, product development and business development, but large data sets requires time. In addition, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) do not have access to the same dataset as Amazon, Google, and Facebook.
On the other hand, SMES generally prefer smaller data sets and more specifically useful to developers and other companies, but in modern digital economy there is no safe and effective mechanism for the exchange of their data memonetisasi.
Repux Solutions
Push the SMEs (Medium Business) to share data with developers through the use of the token price of RepuX. Developers and other stakeholders can rely on the quality of data collection platforms RepuX, because reputation ranking is determined by the buyer’s data and we can give a reputation on each entity and every transaction and verify by Oracle systems, we can ensure the integrity of the Protocol and gives more confidence to the actor not only in the face, but also the quality of the data they buy.

Token Sales RepuX
Very nice coin sales it will be done in two stages as the sale pre-sales and sales is important as mentioned below. Up to 500 million REPUX Token available.
Pre-sale: from 17 November 2017 until 31 January 2018.
Main sales: from 6 February to 9 March 2018 2018.
Pre-selling is currently in process. You can get a bonus
50% of the tokens received from the initial sales. Remember, only 100 million
Token RepuX sold in the pre-sales stage.

Distribution of part of the project is as follows.
20% of it will be sold when the pre-order sale.
30% will be sold by large sales.
10% is protected to the prize pool.
23% will be sold on the platform.
Developers of 12% will be members of the team.
3% of consultants
2% of sales promotion Process reward Token
40% of the revenue generated will be used for marketing,
25% for partnerships and
15% for operational transactions to improve our projects.


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