ROBOTINA Reduce Electric Energy Consumption and Lower the Electricity Costs

ROBOTINA In the development on the technology that is currently experiencing a variety of innovations and constantly updates that keeps getting better, i.e. in the framework of an efficient and also improve on the quality of the industry or to the industry in a variety of so the more fields has great potential in success in growth, as well as in the Act of preservation of the quality of the energy to be able to continue to have benefits on the entire field by providing this benefit will increasingly have a level on the overall energy will increasingly bring in potential development and also on the growth that will be increasingly more on the rise, with efficient energy level would further save in financing as well as safeguarding the environment will be increasingly well, and also increasingly has the atmosphere and also the comfort of the environment, and on the energy savings is also quite necessary as an alternative to the solution on an increase in quality in the foreseeable future in the growth that will the more the better, therefore energy conservation will also be increasingly brought an increase in sources of revenue which are getting better, and is increasingly bringing interaction to stay steady along in development in the neighborhood, here we will introducing a new breakthrough in steps and efforts to make improvements and also a solution in energy savings in order to improve the quality of the energy itself, as well as for safeguarding the environment, namely the Robotina era in innovation the smart technology for a solution in quality, energy development, and also for safeguarding the environment.

Robotina, is an innovation in the development of technology in an attempt to improve on the quality of the environment for getting better, and also with a good rate of growth will be increasingly membawqa energies towards an increasingly better, with a high level of benefits in a variety of sectors and in a variety of fields. Robotina has had a variety of experiences in the development of the smart technology they have run in Europe with the best level of quality by having the experience of 28 years they continued to strive in innovation and continue to do development technology to deliver the best benefits, and maintaining the environment to the level of life in the present and in the future.

The Mission of Robotina, building quality in energy to getting better, and it also increases the energy of the environment friendliness and also give you the benefits of the energy in a variety of fields to develop increasingly more and more and save on the use of energy to the increasingly more efficient and boost revenue increasingly better.

Element Element in the Platfrom Robotina: 1. The Importance of his Internet connection as a liaison on the network to maintain stability in the activities and interactions
2. In making its Important intelligence level i.e. in development in activities to keep moving and get the best range of solutions.
3. integration of the blockhain as a builder in the network so that increasingly connect properly, and also the level of acceleration and integration will be increasingly better 4. Sources of energy, as in a catalyst for improving the quality in many aspects and areas for the more mobile and have the best potential in the future to come.

Know the Differences In User Platfrom Robotina: 1. the User is active or connect, have the levels on the Estore traffic, the energy level in the development of business subject, has a controlled financial storage, high data rate, the existence of a group the sale or purchase of 2. User not active or non connection, having only Estore Traffic, energy storage in the subject business, and labor in the production.

Get to know the ROX Token: function for combustion in energy development in the platform and have been applied Robotina Iot and it has been worn by the klient all over the world, where the token on the interactions that happen is to have a relationship in smart contract ethereum in development at the network level and the level of decentralization that is getting better.

Various Platfrom Robotina advantage of: 1. The level of experience that pretty much Robotina so that a given level of comfort was good enough
2. The increase in business that will be increasingly more developed, and will improve on the market opportunity is getting wider
3. Robotina give reward at stake holder or holder of a token in the interaction that has been doing well in purchase or in sales of 4. Further improve the community getting bigger
5. The level of friendliness to the environment which is nice
6. Security and privacy within the Structure has been maintained by good 7. The rate of speed acceleration on a great network, along with blockchain

Details Of The Activities Of The Crowdsale Robotina:
Tokensale activity was held on March 20, 2018
Tokensale activity ended on April 30, 2018
Softcap was $10 Milion
Hardcap was $28.5 Milion
Token name ROX
Total Supply the Token was 815 million ROX
Total Supply for Tokensale activity of 570.5 million ROX
A minimum contribution of 0.5 ETH

1. for the activities of the Tokensale is 70%
2. For activities and Team Advisor is 10%
3. for activities of Marketing and promotion is 7%
4. for activities of the angel investor is 5%
5. for the activities of Bounty is 3%
6. For the activities of the Market and the development is 3%
7. for activities of Escrow is 2%

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