ROBOTINA – Blockchain technology allows many companies to invest in new projects that can change the world for the better. Today we will consider one of these companies which is called Robotina
Robotina is a startup company that plans to use the Internet of Things (IoT) to offer solutions to people so that they can save energy and have high security. The main goal of the company is to change the way people use power. Due to the use of advanced technologies Robotina will be able to reduce energy consumption, electricity costs and optimize the entire electrical network.
The team, which is Robotina, was made by David Palchich (CEO), Damir Shkrjanec (head of research and Development), Ivan Moran (that) and Milan Susman (CSM). All the founders of the company have extensive experience in their fields, and the Director General is an expert in the field of cognitive technology solutions.
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The company also has a large team of consultants, such as Irena Linasi Rogach (Finance expert), Atul Kumar Gupta (expert in investment banking) and people specializing in Asian markets, which are the main customers, Which this company will have in the near future. The company is supported by Spartan Solutions, Cryptoorange, Tim Valores and Firstline.
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This company uses the concept of the Internet of things and artificial intelligence to optimize the electrical network of homes that buy their products and control energy consumption. The data is processed by artificial intelligence and then used to maximize service.
One way to work with the IoT platform from Robotina is to optimize power consumption by disabling devices when they are not currently in use, and switching only to the most advantageous moments for this (if possible).
The company not only helps to save energy, but also saves the environment. It uses green technology and allows you to freely buy and sell unused energy so you can help optimize energy consumption and protect the environment.
Since Robotina is a company that believes in the rights of users to maintain their data and their privacy, the data obtained by Robotina products will be processed anonymously. Users can choose whether they want to sell data to companies or want them to keep their privacy.
There are other ways you can sell your data and help your company. You can collaborate in group buying, trade unused energy, participate in the platform market and in the financing of the company.
The company uses the ROX tokens as the currency. These tokens are based on ERC20, and they are based on Blokchejne Ethereum. Token holders will be able to participate in the Robotina community and make group purchases. In addition, tokens will be used to reverse-review and pay for service subscriptions. Not only that, but you can also use them to purchase hardware and software from the company.
Finally, you will also be rewarded with ROX tokens from aggregated sales data and electricity trading.
If the Internet things Robotina you are interested in, you can buy the ROX company tokens by participating in the original coin placement. Pre-sale started on February 20. The sale will continue until April 30th, but the pre-sale ends in March, and the price of the ROX tokens will eventually become more expensive.
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Bonuses will be 10% at the time of the presale and 5% when selling the first 7 million ROX tokens of the main sale. Saftkap Sales is $10 million and Hardkap is US $28.5 million. The total volume of the offer is 815 000 000 ROX tokens, of which 570 500 000 will be sold during the ICO. To participate in the sale, you need to make at least 0.5 ETH.
Robotina seems to be a company that uses high-tech products to sell what many people like. Because of this you can be sure that Robotina will be a good investment for you whether you want to buy ROX tokens to use the services provided by the company or if you just want to sell them later for a good profit.
If you liked the company’s products, you will be able to get a huge discount on them if you buy them soon. On the other hand, if you want to sell them, you can get a huge return on investment. Both methods are pretty good.
You decide whether you will invest in this company or not, but I must warn you that it looks like a great investment.

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