Root blockchain is a service startup model that runs on a blockchain with a very flexible business model. This service enables companies to integrate technologies into existing platforms.
Rootblockchain solves many problems with its unique offers-Blockchain as a service (BaaS)-the first hybrid block-key with flexible opportunities for business and individuals.

How it works
Root Blockchain uses a unique mechanism to increase the speed of transaction confirmation on the blockchain while maintaining low costs. Only the digital fingerprints of the actual transaction data are stored in the blockchain. The actual data store itself is optional. If a data warehouse is selected, Root Blockchain provides separate secure digital safes for encrypted data storage.

Multiple benefits
Since only small digital fingerprints are actually stored in root Blockchain, the overall size will be much smaller than that of another blockchain, so the speed of root Blockchain will be much faster. This inturn means that companies can use faster feedback to validate their transactions.
2. Because ultimately, blockchain users pay for storage by creating additional storage, Root blockchain provides its users with a way to reduce overall costs. It has the added advantage that a business may prefer to store sensitive data within its own physical limits while at the same time taking advantage of and the truth of the data that blockchain offers.

The future of Blockchain
Rootblockchain is fully managed by the API, which means that companies can take advantage of the blockchain technology without the subtleties that come with it. Just connect your existing business to the root API and you

Business models
1. Private Blockchain-Clients can choose their own dedicated block code, where only their transactions will be executed.
2. The Blockchain consortium is a private blockchain for two or more parties. The consortium is ideally suited for connecting customers and suppliers.
A securely encrypted data store is provided as an additional feature. This is due but is physically separated from the actual blockchain. All Root Blockchain offers are wrapped in API levels, which ensure that the business can be easily launched and be running in the shortest time possible. 

Bidding early coins
was the biggest trend in cryptocurrency. ICO is regularly used to finance the development of the new cryptocurrency. This pre-sale token can be traded and exchanged for a currency another crypto. Early coins offer a lot more used to fund development projects crypto token by way of exemption that inclusion in the assignment to a certain extent. After this, the ICO is transformed into an instrument that can revolutionize the currency and the entire financial system. The token can be shares and securities in the future.
Root blockchain ICO prices pricing details now $0.01 total supply:
2.5 billion years old
Benefits to 24 March 2018
40% extra token if the number is more than 5 ether 30% more tokens if the number is more than 3 ether 25% extra token if the number is over 2 ether 20% extra token if the quantity is more than 1 ether 10% more token registered, users

Current details
Token Name: Rootblockchain token
Heart: RBC
Type: Erc20 (Ethereum Blockchain)
Total offers: 2 500 000 000 RBC
Softcap: 1 000 000 USD
Hardcap: 30 000 000 USD
Chips for Sale: 1 March to 31 June
Received purchases: ETH
Price: 1 RBC = 0.01 USD-0.03 USD
Country: India

Selling the root lock tokens ICO-root Blockchain will launch the progressive ICO, starting in March 2018. The aim of ICO is to increase investments for development efforts. Full Root Blockchainrazmeshhena card on its website.
In addition to the actual investment, investors will also be able to use tokens purchased at the time of the ICO to pay for transactions sent to Root Blockchain.

Girish Kumar (co-founder)
Nerajdzh Tiwari (co-founder)
Nikolay Shkilev (adviser to the Special Council)
Irina Nikitina (adviser)
Jerikvand Tampilang (Community adviser)
Anna Shkileva (Advisor)
ASEJM Mahajan (Smart contract developer)
Archna Sharma (Android developers)
Amarprit Singh (Blockchain and Strategy advisor)
Animesh Sharma (communications manager)

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