Root Blockchain Launch in a Revolution in Modern Blockchain Technology

Root Blockchain is a model that works on service startup blockchain, thanks to a token payment is easy to use, and building a platform for easy adjustment, service and technology block that is integrated into a joint business model business customers.
With RootBlockchain business model is very flexible, it can be in the form of individual businesses or large companies. In contrast to the traditional way as tissue growth, the strength of the growing Blockchain chain.
RootBlockchain makes it easy for businesses to start playing with blockchain. This service allows companies to integrate technology into the existing platform, customize it based on application programming interface and enjoy the benefits of the power and security of blockchain.
Root Blockchain aims to solve this problem with a unique offer – Blockchain as a Service (BaaS)-first blockchain hybrid with some flexible options.
This is a known fact that the transaction costs in the BitCoin rising quickly to the point when they will ultimately become not feasible economically at the same time the time required for the confirmation of the transaction has also been increased. This is just one example of what is blockchain solution currently on the market.
Root Blockchain using a unique mechanism to increase the speed of transaction confirmation on the blockchain, while at the same time keep costs low. Only the digital fingerprints of actual transaction data stored in the blockchain. The actual data storage itself is optional. If selected, the data storage Root Blockchain provides a separate secure digital safe for storage of encrypted data.
RootBlockchain is a model startup service that works on blockchain thanks to a token payment is easy to use and build platforms for easy adjustment, service, and technology block that is integrated into a business model. Along with business customers.
This is very similar to the Blockchain project. For example, Ethereum is operating with a startup blockchain technologies, creating platforms for a custom startup to do the ICO to raise funds for their projects and implementing technology blockchain to the overall model.
 RootBlockchain is driven by the FIRE, which means businesses can benefit blockchain technology without the hassle of a fully. Just connect your business to the API Root and you are ready to use it.
The failure of blockchain is currently causing a sense of FOMO acute among new and established businesses. The main cause of anxiety is:
 costly fees associated with the application of the technology of blockchain
 Confusion about where to begin, especially how to integrate blockchain into your existing IT infrastructure.

 everyone wanted to change technological blockchain, however, it costs calculation much

major weakness is related Truth blockchain
 where to start, addressing how to integrate blockchain into an existing IT infrastructure
 Root Blockchain is being developed by a team of experts with extensive knowledge in
the domain blockchain. After developing some custom blockchains, the team began to try out some of the negative patterns are common. Root Blockchain born to revive the Issue of the matter.
Root Blockchain solve the problem above with unique search
 Complete complexity through Blockchain as a Service (BaaS)-Root Blockchain blockchain offers the first hybrid with flexible options for companies and customers this separation will be made fairly easy
 Complete size blockchain-Root tool size blockchain be small by using a unique mechanism-just a cryptographic hash of the stored transaction data in the blockchain
 Low-Cost transaction-store data that is actually active. Because the transaction cost is directly proportional to the volume of data by not storing the data, the user can save the cost of their transactions.
 Keep the confidentiality of the data is also useful if the data with a secret and the user does not want that data publicly available.
RootBlockchain will launch the ICO in stages from March 2018. Purpose of the ICO is to increase investment for development efforts. The complete road map Root Blockchain published on its site.
In addition to the actual investment, investors can also use tokens purchased for ICO to pay transactions submitted to the Root Blockchain.
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The standard RBC: ERC20 Total supply: 2 500 000 000 RBC loading time: 01.03-31.05 price: $0.01-0.03 USD Softcap: 1 million USD Hardcap: 30 million USD

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