RXEAL-Platform Is A Storage Security Deposit That Is Safe And Reliable In Block Wireshark

RxEAL is a security platform storage deposit is safe and reliable in Ethereal block. This allows doing dispute resolution which is decentralized, with a focus on the real estate market and rental vehicles worth several hundred billion dollars. RxEAL will also be available to other industries that require the retention of funds not reliable and fair dispute resolution. The size of the deposit is used to cover any losses that occur on a rental property. However, handing over money to others for storage is a matter of trust.

Payer cannot guarantee that a deposit has been stored safely and the other party will refund the deposit. In addition, at the end of the agreement, it may take weeks before tenants receive their change, and court proceedings could end so settled on the Court, which took longer than expected. We believe that RxEAL is the solution to eliminate the growing number of fraud cases in the transaction the lease relating to the reduction unfair bailouts at the end of a lease by providing an interface to engage in this activity by using smart contracts does not require technical knowledge.

RxEAL not only solve problems, but also offer a rate of return of deposits that are quicker and higher profits than off-line solution at this time. In the user’s RxEAL platform capable of producing smart contract under the terms agreed by both parties. The contract will ensure that the amount of the deposit is kept safely in block Etaceum during the agreement, without any possibility of altering unilaterally a contract or access funds. If there is a disagreement about the distribution of the end of the deposit, our platform will provide a decentralized and independent arbitration by members who qualify will receive the token to resolve such disputes RXL.

By combining technology with blockchain daily rent transactions, we can build a new way for users who do not have the technical knowledge to make use of the advantages of smart contracts. We believe that RxEAL is the answer to the increasing demand of consumers involved in real estate, car rental and other transactions involving a guarantor. We provide solutions that are more secure

RxEAL provides a way to keep deposits safely for a variety of products in the form of emergency crypto rentals by using smart contract in block Etereum and the dispute resolution process. the 200,000 Already invested by institutions private and investor

interaction with applications and decentralized ecosystem intelligent Ethereum contract and guarantee security standards remains. The strength of the underlying economy token RXL is its use.

Token RXL provides exclusive access to the services provided by the platform of RxEAL, making it the token utility rather than a speculative instrument. RXL token value is directly related to the success of the RxEAL platform. With the offer of a token constant, an increase in the use of the RxEAL service leads directly to the appreciation of the value of the token as it is a unit that is required to pay the cost of the service platform. RXL token can be used personally by the card holder, is transferred to a third party or exchanged in Exchange. The conversion rate from the initial token is: RXL 1ETH = 400 RXL.

With the model of the distribution of the symbolic and the number of chips available on the market, the initial market capitalization will be equal to the amount of the contribution of distributed chip. The token stored in the backup or which cannot be sold in the public market and cannot affect prices because it was excluded from the calculation. Only outstanding offer is used to determine the initial market capitalization than the total supply. Maximum initial market capitalization after a round of contributions can be conservative so start up company became well established companies that offer the expected solution powered by blockchain technology breakthrough that gives potential market very large. Using the pricing model of the proposed services,

Request Token
Daily transactions: 25,000
Request Annual Chip Projection in USD:
The average Deposit claims
$300 $104,025,000 $
$600,600 $166,987,500
$900 $229,950,000
$1.200 $292,912,500
$1.500 355,875,000
The condition of the
Example request token token USD RXL is equivalent to using the basic service cost model and assume a level of 50% of the litigation.

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