SAPIEN Build a Robust Marketplace and Incentivize User Contributions

SAPIEN was a highly social news platform is easily adjustable and democratic that can be appreciated by millions of creators of content creators and midlevel criminals. Sapiens creates development platform supported SPN to provide a wide range of applications and allows external users to use our user base. Sapiens supports a valid cryptographic ERC20 called for the SPN . Network sapiens evolved quickly, involving markets, integration, and third-party applications.

SPN i.e. integrated currency, which gave us the opportunity to buy applications from all integrated applications. This new application can easily be integrated with the SPN with fire, a very Sapiens may users to switch as well as shopping with the SPN .

SPN makes an integrated market and integrate virtual goods purchased with applications integrated into the real-world value. SPN makes a new dimension for users with applications integrated with the SPN . Our intent that is making global reputation network in all integrated base SPN to fight fake news everywhere.

They describe themselves with these steps. But it is definitely this sense which is so common. We will also break it down more details later in our writing. I will also be trying to tell you about this problem. SPN teams so forcefully; So he went into the bow, he said he would also be the best in its own section.

SPN intend taking the decision goal time goals it targeted. Predicted there are 2, 3 billion users of social media. This amount will also reach 3 billion in 202 of th. .. Many innovations as well as routine and this trend will also be trying to express yourself more easily in this frame, a moment when in unison they wanted to do all this while you increase enjoyment purposes will also be privacy and Security.
SPN will also make it easier to create and transfer new stuff inside as well as outside the base. Fake news because such a belief system has a fake news in Blockchain will also be so relieved.

SPN will also raise the potential for expansion as well as the adoption of a development base of arbitrary fluctuations in the market for crypto, who also will be the backbone of every social movement as well as the movement progresses.Content makers will also have the right tools to obtain real prizes without any centralized organization used by the. With it, every man will also work as a media organ, so it is not necessary to use in this kind of thing for affiliated anywhere. Using technology from Blockchain most recently, our dream of making the non-base

Featured main SPN
Most people Open/Stealth Roaming: you can switch on the model of the public as well as private seamlessly.
Subscribe: you can always subscribe to follow changes in the most recent submissions as well as counterparts in the world.
Colleagues, Group, as well as the message: you can give colleagues, create a group, sharing the post, as well as make various comments on writing.
Feature-rich conversations: Advanced conversational Interface on text and audio channels to give a more dynamic user experience as well as interesting.

Token Distribution
Beyond that, you can get an opportunity to earn money when you can wear the most campaign gifts. Karna link gifts are given here, I just pass will also be summarized.
You can obtain the token SPN with follow these spaces.
When Token Sales reach a minimum (Soft Cap) (50. 000.000 SPN), 5% of the entire token obtained will also be provided with this campaign. Distribution the distribution of the 5% in the University is given below.
Shares is decided for each campaign as well as the overall statistics of users who participate in the campaign will also be calculated and distributed from this ratio.
Each camper the same work as its own power and the power to report it.

With this opportunity, we invite you to extend these platforms, to reach out to the wider community. We will be releasing the Token with the name “NES tokens”, here’s the data.

• Name: SPN Token
• Pre-sale dates: January 31-February 15
• Token Exchange Base Rate: Phase #1 rate + 20% (the final exchange rate will be fixed closer to presale)
• Accepted Currencies: ETH
• Token sale dates: March 3-April 3
• Total Hard Cap (in USD): $30 million
• Accepted Currencies: ETH, BTC, Alternative cryptocurrencies (via
• Bonus Structure: Day 1: + 15%, Week 1: + 10%, Week 2: + 3%, Week 3 +: no bonuses
• Minimum Phase #1 Goal: 50 million SPN

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