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About the project
Today the status of gold as a value standard is transferred to the digital domain. Bitcoin-digital gold. Bitcoin is limited in quantity, requires production costs and is used as a means of payment. The launch of Bitcoin has caused the emergence of software in the sector based on blockchain technology, and the emergence of the Bitcoin counterpart, which offers solutions to current problems or expansion of the infrastructure to use Bitcoin. Due to the fact that the cost of the share of all bitcoin is estimated in 50% of the capitalization of the market cryptocurrency, another digital asset, called “Altcoin, implies an alternative bitcoin-asset”

The creation of more than 2,000 altcoins led to the emergence of followers and speculative development of the market crypto assets, which can be divided into two types:

 Crypto-currency block is created as a universal payment instrument based on computer encryption protocols and is not controlled by third parties such as banks decentralization is an important sign of cryptocurrency.
 Single token payments are made as payment instruments in the company’s infrastructure with devices that are partially or completely centralized. The signs of attention can be careless and unsafe. Below we will return to this problem. Sometimes there are signs of concern compared to the shares of the company in the market.

The market of cryptocurrency can be compared with the traditional speculative stock market, where the Altcoin-quoted asset, and the Bitcoin-quoted asset. The community at the beginning of the launch of a new type of assets-centralized cryptocurrency or digital currency. At the same time, Saturn  Bitcoin continues to operate as a major digital currency, attracting more and more frequent owners of traditional capital.
The main reason why market capitalization is reduced to 70% is clearly the excess of capitalization. Due to the specific calculation of the capitalization of the market ranking provider cryptocurrency (COINMARKETCAP), the values presented in this rating are not true.
Saturn  Asset capitalization is calculated by multiplying the number of active coins by the current average market price of one coin. The number of coins that are actively circulating can also not be accepted as true since the number of units of several assets in the hands of only a few investors reaches 80-90% of all issued coins.
Thus, the volume of these assets usually does not participate in the market bidding, and if they begin to participate, they quickly reduce the price of the instrument. No investor or team pays for this token, and the lack of a secondary demand for these assets leaves no room for these markets. As a result of the information, which characterizes the market of cryptocurrency, participants lose objective data and cannot estimate the depth of the current crisis.

Saturn  The frozen token in the hands of the project founder is one of the main threats hidden in the crypto market, and the continued decline in secondary demand supports a trend of 90% depreciation of crypto assets over the next few years. Price reduction Structure of the market of cryptocurrency assets, where the fair value determines the demand, supply, added value, and uncompetitive business models. The price of an asset return to its true value, which for most crypto-markets equals full depreciation.

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