SAVEDROID Platform Want To Simplify Storage Crypto

SAVEDROID This platform we think is very impressive. Because in addition to the concept and its service are very nice too because it’s driven by a very competent team. Order of the team is very compatible with the tasks assigned to each Member of his team.

Without too much smother, preferably we would start commenting on this latest project. Crypto Storage applications from Germany named Savedroid launches the ICO. The company of Frankfurt would like to make criptocurrency accessible to the average consumer and help users with savings.
The Frankfurt-based company wants to make it easier for regular users, not experts, to save the crypto crypto in the surroundings with as easy as possible. Donations of savings should be made in the Bitcoin or Ethereum. So let’s say if Grandma you guys have a smartphone then it can easily hold assets crypto with this service. As does our time piggy bank small first.

What is a Savedroid?
Savedroid is an application for Android and Apple smartphones which can be downloaded at the PlayStore or App Store. After the account is created, either via email, Facebook or Google, the application asks for bank account. To connect a user account with your account login information, checking for online banking application revealed. In the course of a confirmation of the GTC, mkamut SEPA direct debit also issued which allows the AG Savedroid raise money from your account and make it to the user.

Predetermined amount now, as a rule, deducted from his bank account and credited to the wallet. It all happened after the if-then logic. For example, if the mobile phone detects that you have to walk 5 km rather than bring a car, you will save a €5 automatically. This savings rule called Savedroid “smooves”.

Some examples are: the smoove

  • Whenever you have a bank account in the financial margin.
  • Every time the account balance changes, the number will be rounded up and invested.
  • If you turn on the phone screen as much as 50 times.
  • Each time you use the handheld applications, eg. Facebook use for too long.
  • If you walk instead of driving a car.
  • If you are riding a bicycle to a certain distance.

So it is easy for the user to save up for things without having to login every time on his/her account and transfer into a savings account. Money box can also be deleted.
Another trick is the proposal for new utility contract. As the partners enter here Check24, Drillisch and Freenet. Each time the application detects that money can be saved at one point, it was suggested to the user. After the menkamutangani of the contract, the amount deposited will be credited to your wallet. So far, more than 200,000 people use applications on Android devices Spar or iOS. This application is completely free and offers insurance savings and TÜV certified data protection on the level of online banking.

How Do I Purchase Token SVD?
If you want to buy and invest in this Savedroid project, we will provide a guide on how to buy it. This step we get with a  of articles written by the team of Savedroid. Following roughly steps:

  • Open the ICO website and click login in the upper right corner.
  • Now you will see a page that says “Register New Account”. Email content and a strong password.
  • Next, you must verify your email address. Check your email inbox and search link verification. If not found, look in the spam folder does anyone know there.
  • After signing in, you will see some information about the number of tokens you have, SVD payment option, and some info about the various programs bounti.
  • Select the payment method you want from the menu above right: Ether, Bitcoin, credit card, transfer the Klarna SOFORT (only available in certain countries) or bank transfer (only available in certain countries).
  • Now you will see the screen Buy SVD.
  • In the left pane, you can enter the amount of Aether, bitcoin, etc that you want to pay.
  • On the right, type the amount you want to buy the SVD.
  • At the bottom, you will see the amount of bonus you will get an SVD when buying during the pre-sale.
  • Depending on the payment option, you must provide some other details, such as addresses or details of credit card wallet
  • Check and accept the terms and then press the submit button
  • Now you can see in the upper left is how much you have, SVD and all transactions that you initiate.
  • After processing the transaction, Savedroid Team will steer the SVD of yours and send it to thy purse. This may take a few days depending on the amount of the transaction. Savedroid team may have to ask you to provide further proof of identity because of the money laundering regulations depends. Sales of own savedroid will be divided into two phase. IE Pre-sale phase was followed by the main penjualana. For the price of a token is 100 SVD = 1 EUR. during the Pre-sale also provided a rebate or discount.
The price of the SVD itself will fluctuate as ter-gap in the bitcoin and ethereum. Starting from July 12 to 26 January 2018 Savdroid offers a bonus of 5% of all the SVD and the granting of bonus 30% for the purchase of Pre-sale. with such a system can be defined that each participant is Pre-sale will receive an additional 30% of the total number of tokens that he bought. Suppose we buy 2000 SVD then we will directly get 2600 SVD. and for the main sales started from February 9 till March 9, 2018. Savedroid will offer a bonus of 55% of the total number of tokens are purchased by customers. Hopefully with these programs target sales reaching 5.5 Billion yan SVD SVD can be achieved. as for the Smart contract savedroid token will be published on github in January. savedroid will release details details about the smartcontract address.


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