Securix Modern methods for mining cryptocurrency very in touch with the financial, as well as take that much, and had to buy expensive equipment or great expectations for success in mining. But the developer’s platform Securix very sure that this project will significantly change the balance of power in this segment as well as
EAN 2 EAN-a system that allows you to reliably extract tokens inside the platform;
No contract for extraction, shelf life-cooperation is really simple and profitable for all;
Revenue from gross income;
No problems with cloud services and frequent loss of cryptocurrency;
Our token value is supported by tangible assets.
Excellent choice of the country for placing of capacities on extraction cryptocurrency
The Netherlands/Holland is well known for its consensus models in politics and economics. Our choice for mine placement is based on several factors-strategic positioning, security, and scalability.
Experienced professionals living in the Netherlands
To ensure the success of their ambitious business goals, Securix the management and employees of the company live and work in the same country where the capacity will be installed: the Netherlands. 
Decentralized energy purchase
The EAN-EAN platform is a decentralized platform with fewer parties involved. No intermediaries and additional temporary, financial costs.
Monthly investment strategy
Our monthly reinvestment strategy will increase the value and volume of the token issue. Thanks to the efforts of developers and thoughtful strategy, everyone can expect to receive a regular passive profit.
Tangible assets determine the value of tokens
The cost of tokens depends directly on the number of installed equipment and the quality of its functioning. The token can be purchased for only $1. Up to 0.85 USD is used to purchase equipment for mining equipment and electrical engineering. This means that our token is supported by the acquired assets and has a real market value of 0.85 US dollar
Problems and existing Solutions
Do not follow the roadmap
Securix Most ICO does not have a real product at the start of selling tokens. They can change their vision and strategies. Securix has a real product and we need to maintain our hardware for our token holders to maximize performance. So, following the roadmap is crucial for Securix, as the interest of the founders is the same as that of everyone else! They are also token holders and want to receive a stable income from mining cryptocurrency using the company’s internal capacity.
No clear future vision
Mining cryptocurrency-really promising, rapidly developing segment, which today attracts a huge number of people. 
Hidden cost structure
It is unclear what these costs are because they are not disclosed. Our approach is unique. We have a gross income! No hidden costs, all risks, and costs are immediately negotiated with customers. This approach allows us to act in a very honest and transparent manner, excluding fraud.
No communication after ICO
Many companies that are going to use fraudulent schemes immediately lose contact with customers after the sale of tokens. We are constantly making the latest news for our clients.
What has already been done?
The initial investment in the project was 250,000 USD;
Signed agreement on the location of equipment;
A signed deal to upgrade the electricity of 7 MW;
The website is active, everyone can get acquainted with the official information about the project.

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