Securix – Hello my friends today I want to share with you a project, a project that will change the visioned future of this great project, very likely very valuable to call it the best project
Extraction is the process of additional records in general accounting transactions, Bitcoin or cryptography from earlier transactions and the mining rig is a daily metaphor for a single computer system to perform the calculation. Mathematics required for mining. The large past trading books are called string chains such as Block chains. Blockchain serves to validate the transaction to all network nodes that occur. Trading blockchain Bitcoin with Bitcoin or crypto differentiate legitimate efforts to regain the coins used elsewhere.

The exploit was deliberately designed for many resources and difficulties where the number of blocks met daily by miners remained stable. The individual block must contain evidence of a job deemed valid. Proof of this work is correct. Received by Bitcoin or other cryptographic buttons every time they get a block, Bitcoin uses the Hashcash function to demonstrate weak work to exploit. The goal is to regulate transaction history in the actual calculation manner that must be modified by an entity. By downloading and verifying the blockchain or crypto Bitcoin can achieve the consensus on ordering event in Bitcoin.

IAI French by Securix
 Most ICO has no real product in the crowd. They can change their vision and strategy. Securix has a real product and we need to maintain its extraction facility for the card owners to maximize the output. They are also the ones who hold the token and benefit from a highly successful extraction operation

 The encryption of cryptography has a clear future.

 Until now our competitors are using a profit split the profit based profit. As the token owner, you are paying the cost. May not know what the charges are because they are not disclosed. Our approach is unique. We have total sales! No hidden costs, all risks, and costs are the trading risks of Securix.

 After the Securix crowd, we are always updating our newsletters with newsletters and news and updates from our exploitation facility

Why Choose Securix?
With a clear future vision, Securix is operated as a company. We are ready to go to the product market. Srxio token generates passive income with encryption every month. As an industry first Securix has made a turnover rate of 45% for all token holders, there is no hidden cost structure, a high output on each token then sharing net profit. A high-level investment strategy. Either the acquisition of token and disk burning program or re-investing in new extraction hardware, both options will increase output on each token as well as the value of the token. Our tapping hardware selection is strict and depending on our PUP model (performance, Unit price, use of energy). This will bring the best return on investment for each mining hardware unit. Proudly announcing that we have gone ahead of the roadmap, the power capacity of 7MW, this is due to our clear vision. The founders and management of Securix FZ-LLC are also the founders and managing Fintech Capital B.V. to our company successfully, it is essential that our team is living in the country where our exploited facility works in the event Our Dutch.

The Securixis based on a token system that rewards the cardholder every month with Pembayaran. Jenis This token-based economy eases many of the mining cloud problems. Pengguna will not lose investment if the recession market and mining are not profit. Sebaliknya, Securix will establish some of their corporate profits as a reserve company to keep the lights while they wait for the Pulih market. the token will be secured with a smart contract so that they cannot be canceled until they run the program.
In an effort to improve ROI of the investor, Securix gives 45% of the monthly gross income to keep the buyer card code announcing Srxio company. Selanjutnya will reinvest or acquire signs of the market, improve the value of signs and monthly yields thereby enhancing SRXIO’s ability to trade card higher than the price listed on the first day after Bursa. Securix has also developed a special purse called Mega Vault Wallet. Selain saves Srxio investor sign, it gives the user the ability to achieve status, earns badges and wins prizes. The founder of Securix is an experienced expert with many years of experience as the senior executive director of Fintech Capital BV.
The code keeps all risks on trading, securix risk of INI extraction. Bitcoin and the transparency of business are operated with honesty and Transparansi. Setiap month, we will announce total volume Bitcoin was interested in applying the kami. Our Mega Token Vault and smart contracts are based on ERC 20 Ethereum blockchain. Bitcoin cannot be distributed through an ethereum blockchain. Kami will transform our Bitcoin to be ethereum to automatically share gross profit of 45% to keep our card.

Distribution and Sales TOKEN
Our product is the Ethereum ER20-based token. Encoded by the smart contract, the token holder will receive a monthly output of our total extraction turnover. The more you keep the token, the output per the higher the token.
• Pre-sale: 08/04/2018 3-09/06/2018
• ICO Sales: 09/07/2018 8-10/31/2018
• Codename: Srxio
• Category: Tapping
• Soft seal: 3 million USD
• Hard Cap: 55 million USD
• Token for sale: 42,350,000 Srxio
• Token: 1 Srxio = 1 USD
• Platform: Ethereum
• Get paid: BTC, ETH, BCH, XMR, , SD and EUR

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