Securypto – Monetizing Anonymous Content Distribution, Creating a New Emerging Market

Securypto Have you ever thought about how safe it is to transfer content over the network? Even if you are throwing something at yourself, for example, from a computer home to a computer worker, where is the assurance that your content will not be intercepted on the road? Okay, if it’s a photo of a child’s christening, and if it’s important information that concerns the company’s work?
Do you know that in turn, blockchain is a secure file transfer, which is accompanied by multi-layered encryption? So why not combine these components and not provide a new service where you can transfer files as easily and securely as you click your fingers? It is about such service that we will talk to you today.
Securypto is a platform for data encryption, transmission, storage and monetization based on blockchain technologies. This service will be available to absolutely anyone because the properly written shell and accompanying applications will be so easy to use that they can understand even the child.
But for who else this service is useful, except for companies that care about the confidentiality of their activities, let’s consider more.
Who needs Securypto?
Before you deal with the main issue of this chapter, I suggest to briefly familiarize with the main features of Securypto.
Digisafeguard (DSG)
You will not believe it, but it is a full-fledged user device, protected from all sides. In Securypto are sure that complete security can be achieved only by combining protected devices, quality software, and blockchain.
Protected without private networks
This is for the strength of the world laid specially closed networks, which are protected from external influence. To us, simple mortals, about private networks it is necessary only to dream. But with Securypto we will be protected as if we are in a private network!
Unique system of monetization and protection of content distribution
With deferred payment for content (or pay-as-you-receive) as well as pay-per-view, Securypto becomes an excellent platform for paid content distribution to end users. No slightest opportunity to intercept, and at the same time, always timely payment, thanks to smart contracts.
Separately worth mentioning the purse system Securypto, Securypto which is protected by hardware and at the level of the blockchain. In fact, there you can safely store not only the tokens of the project, but also any other cryptocurrency. Securypto is absolutely sure that we have created a completely new approach to safe storage of personal funds of users.
In general, I think that you have perfectly understood the essence. Securypto is needed by everyone, from ordinary people, who from time to moment just need privacy, to the big media corporations that are engaged in the distribution of paid content. And each participant of this ecosystem securypto are ready to offer individual approach and unique experience of use. Well, now about ICO.
ICO Securypto
Project Token-SCU (ERC20 standard)
1 ETH = 1000 SCU
Soft Cap: 250 ETH
Hard Cap: 25000 ETH
Securypto looks like a technically interesting project. Like all ideas lie on the surface, however, they are still not realized. For the team also speaks and ready testnet. So the intentions there are quite serious. 
Securypto This is the future of the world economy, so the security and anonymity of digital information today is a dominant role for individuals and for entire nations. The project is perspective, it combines all three main components of any prospective project: a unique idea, its demand, and competitiveness in the market and a highly qualified team of professionals. The internet is a 21st-century weapon and in order to make the Internet space safe and was created by Securypto. In general, the project is quite interesting, for a more detailed acquaintance with the project you can go through the links below.

Website :
Whitepaper :
My Profile:;u=1324582
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