Securypto – Zerocoin, Masternode Based Blockchain Project

Securypto is an anonymous monetization, encrypted transmission, and storage of data on the basis of the blockchain There is a problem such as anonymity in any financial transactions. I think each of us at least once thought how to secure their payments on the internet and that they have exactly reached the addressee. In this and will help us securypto. Let’s look at what Represents and offers us this project

The internet is considered a big leap in the world’s innovations that have ever been made. The internet connected the whole world with one technology and made some things that seemed impossible. This made communication easier and much better than ever. Internet technologies are created to unite our world.

The internet has its benefits as well as some things people are very apprehensive about. First, the internet every minute creates a huge amount of data, the value of which is incalculable. The use of this data is unbelievable. Then a privacy issue is created. Immunity is always a serious thing. But here, on the internet, abusing private life has become easier. Losing privacy can mean a lot of things and it has consequences. Especially when it comes to business. All data that is taken through a breach of confidentiality can be very easily abused After thinking about this problem and looking closely at it, and was born this project called Securypto

What is Securypto
Securypto focuses on anonymous, encrypted data transfer and storage. Securypto is based on the blockchain system and will implant it at different stages of the product. Securypto can work as an extra layer on each person’s privacy and protect him from any attack

Securypto is not only security and protection. Securypto allows you to monetize different content. For example, Securypto if the sender chooses to choose a paid content option, the recipient on the side must pay a certain amount for that content. Everything that is loaded is protected, encrypted and has nothing to do with the outside world.

The main purpose of Securypto is to provide security, encryption, privacy for all in a more convenient, efficient way. With Securypto any person can reserve any kind of data from theft. In our daily life Encrypting messages or media files is not an easy task, but sometimes costly and time-consuming. Securypto wants to eliminate this lack of internet use and ensure the security and privacy that every modern user deserves

Securypto has Digisafeguard
To make security a reality, special equipment with powerful software will be installed. The equipment itself will be called digisafeguard. This equipment enhances our security, makes privacy stronger and will help you communicate using encrypted files and messages. Digisafeguard will play an important role in the Securypto ecosystem.

Securypto product elements
The Securypto product consists of three elements: hardware, software, and blockchain. Each of these elements is very necessary for the system

Hardware and software
Securypto hardware is called Digisafeguard. Like any other hardware, DSG has a well-designed and balanced software. Each of them has its own goals. Hardware and software are made with Without the right combination, they will not function properly.

The hardware part is the beginning. Hardware targets

DSG works as a hardware wallet for storing and spending digital assets.

DSG will allow any user to send messages anonymously and securely through unprotected channels

2-factor authentication and password management and more

The software that will be used in DSG is designed only for DSG and will only be used by this open source software will be available on such platforms as


This will make any device safe and use it is possible to store digital property, encrypt messages well and store there any media files

Token information
The token is named SCU
ICO Information
ICO starts in 20 days
Minimum sale 10 ETH
Current Rate 1 ETH = 2500 SCU
Token distribution

The Securypto  team is not just gathered by a few developers together to write codes. The team is assembled from various professionals of the business, in order to unite efforts and create a good product. Be it, marketers or developers, one cannot exist without another

And in conclusion I want to say, Securypto is not a simple blockchain project. When it comes to private information, it is not worth perceiving lexmentally. Message encryption and anonymous file upload is not an easy task. Securypto makes all this possible and certainly better than it is now at this time

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