SEND Claiming Tokens Back After escrow Time Has Expired

SEND the project team sees at least three problems faced by the use of cryptocurrency, namely: high volatility, speculation is high, and the lack of user-friendly aspect. Volatility and speculation is 2 things mutually influence each other. The high possibility of changing currencies was heavily influenced by speculation that its users where such speculation can be either distribution or backup. Instead, speculation cryptocurrency users are also affected by the currency changes very quickly. The attitude of the users ultimately determines the height of the low exchange rates. As for the third issue has more to do with the ability of cryptocurrency to be used in daily transactions. Limitations of access to this currency make economic actors feel free to use it as a tool of Exchange commodities.

To be widely accepted as a shared currency, cryptocurrency must first settle soon. That’s what the team’s considerations might also be SEND to publish digital single currency with units of the TSP. To keep the exchange rate stable, they are likely to propose a way that referred to as SEND Price Mechanism or SEND Prices Mekanimse. In essence, the amount of transaction that ultimately determines the liquidity of the market and subsequently generates a token price of TSP. The more people who use this currency, then along with that person will easily exchange currency with the applicable local currency or use it to exchange with other commodities. Not only that, the number of use SEND will also increase its price. Perjalananan SEND as digital currencies can be described through the images below:

SEND team, of course, will have the typical struggle in each stage but in the author’s most efficient No 2 challenges that have to be answered by SEND jug. The first is in the stage of Mass Does will happen what is referred to as creative destruction as a natural response over the arrival of a technology in the community. Creative destruction usually includes victims, either of material up to the soul. In this regard, it is important to SEND team to consider a good conflict resolution strategies involving all the parties concerned. The second is the difficulty in conversion to the local currency. TSP as the shared currency is indeed, in the end, will be used as the main Exchange, but TSP exchanged into local currency is certainly much will be diverse given the exchange rate of the local currency to the TSP or otherwise determined by the community in each of the territories.

Answers to 2 of the above challenges can be found through the idea of teams SEND referred to as SEND Consensus Network or networks Deal SEND. A network in which there are parties relating to such commodity exchange marketplace transactions, financial system, merchants, and others have a role in decision-making with regard to the stability of the exchange rate of the TSP. The price of the exchange rates applicable during the day from Monday at & 00:00 EST until Sunday at 23:59 EST. In other words, the exchange rate is specified in the TSP of this network. The involvement of various parties in the network, of course, can also dampen the expected or anticipated conflicts to come. The existence of these networks can also be a solution to worries over exchange rate difference of TSP to the local currency. The international community if it later goes will have authority resulting from the joint decision to determine global exchange rate for TSP against the local currency.

In addition, the team SEND also provides a platform for easy access and distribution of TSP. The platform in question is WeSend. With the WeSend, the owner of a currency will easily send its assets wherever and whenever. On the other hand, the currency will also get it shortly after his money was sent and instantly be exchanging them with local currency for use in everyday transactions. Not only that, the TSP could even be directly used for the exchange of commodities during the economy interact equally use WeSend. The security of transactions in the platform is guarded by an escrow system that lets people submit assets to the account has been verified.

As much as 33% or equivalent to 231 million TSP which will be collected will be used to finance a Roadmap has been SEND described above. The number of tokens will be distributed in two stages, i.e. pre-sale and Continuous Supply Offering. The first stage of look will be a lot of attention given the relatively cheaper cost of the second phase (1st stage = 0.14 USD/TSP + F&F Bonuses and 2nd stage = 0.2 USD/TSP). In addition, the pre-short sale will also become an attraction itself for the participants of ICO. In the second stage when the prices of TSP uphill, buyers in the first stage will have an advantage by being the owner of a token TSP. Exchange rates of the TSP will then adjust to the price mechanism that will through the process of consideration in Forming Network SEND.

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