SEND Provide the World With a Digital Asset Capable of Offering Price Consensus

SEND One of the problems that today exists in the digital economy is presented to us in the form of a number of negative reasons. These are reasons such as high volatility, high speculation and lack of convenience for the user. All this contributes to the fact that Crypto exchange has a great barrier for mass integration into our lives and economy. Therefore, there is a need to develop and create a completely new type of crypto that will address this problem. This task was completed by the Send project, which was created to provide these solutions to us.
The main and global goal of the Send project is to ensure that Kriptojekonomika and its assets become widely recognized in the world. SDT is a cryptocurrency designed to make exchange rate decisions and high volatility. SDT users may be individuals or institutions that intend to store, transfer or exchange different values in a secure and stable manner.
About Sendprotocol
Sendprotocol provides stability and predictable growth, Send (SDT) solves three problems that prevent the implementation of Kriptova: speculation, volatility and lack of convenience for the user. Send (SDT) is a viable cryptographic for the future, formed by consensus. In 2013, the founders of “send” began to work in Bitcoin-related (BTK) services, including the design, development, and deployment of BTC ATMs throughout the United States, South America, and Europe. With dozens of computers around the world,  a clear demographic picture: geographical areas with high migrants showed higher than average BTC transactions. Intrigued by this model, they conducted a more in-depth behavioral analysis of the number of migrants and found out how people used Bitcoin as a new Exchange tool for their cross-border and other financial transactions. BTC is an example of a financial instrument that allows migrant users to circumvent the rules and related costs, including Exchange control, limited foreign exchange offers, exchange rates for Arbitration and high sums of money transfers. However, despite the enormous potential benefits and growing use, Kriptoterminy still constitutes a small percentage of the total transaction.
On a platform based on Ethereum, there is a native application Wesend is the first application that starts sending assets using Send (SDT). Application Wesend provides opportunities for various stakeholders of the platform with a high level of security and low cost without the influence of third parties, sending money. There are no restrictions on sending money, the application works all over the world Without Borders.
On the platform you can exchange tokens SDT with the currency Fiat and instantly and with the very little cost to allow exchange rate transfer, using the token SDT, which is a tool for sending (Escrow System).
Other partners interested in the transfer methodology have been added to the platform and have agreed to exchange with SDT such as punctured, Epayco and Cryptobuyer.
These synergies and the presence of a platform, such as Wesend, are already active with their own provable translation pool, give value to the SDT token because it is recognized by the parties as an object of exchange. In addition, to speed up the use of a token, consensus votes to separate a portion of the tokens available to interested users if they can provide an advantage to the user community. In fact, for developers who have decided to implement the SDT token in their currency, the SDT symbol award system is also provided. Send icon
A token is a digital asset designed to represent a stable and dynamic price consensus generated as a result of the liquidity discovery process. Unlike current digital assets, which are regulated by floating prices determined by unregulated markets, which are very sensitive to speculation, manipulation of demand and high volatility, SDT is tied to the price Consensus-a mechanism that determines the representative value of this digital asset within the Send Consensus period. Initially, it is expected that SDT will implement the ERC20 token standard and exist in the public network Ethereum. The SDT implementation will serve as a reference token for the send to the community. The sending fund reserves the right to transfer to a completely new protocol blockchain, which enhances SDT.
The total volume of tokens supply is 700 000 000 SDT.
As for the project team. As it usually happens, the best minds and experts participate in such projects. Therefore, the Send project is no exception. The Send command consists of 12 team members and 6 expert advisors. But I want to highlight the Executive director and co-founder Camilo Jimenez since 2013, he has dedicated himself to crypto and its development. In 2016, Camilo founded Instakiosks LLC, a company that developed the most economical bitcoin ATM in the world and released commercial systems for retail stores in bitcoins outlets. At the age of 16, he founded his first e-commerce company. His associates and co-founders are Francisco Cordova Otalora as chief project coordinator and Marcio Abreukak Chief Technical Officer. Their experience is also impressive with their achievements and achievements in the digital economy. When such a team lags behind the project, the chances of success and implementation of all the plans are very large. And for me personally, there is no doubt that this attempt to solve pressing problems will be in demand by the Kriptovym community.
Purpose of Send protocol
combination of negative factors high volatility, high speculation and lack of convenience for the user when using KRIPTOKONVERSIJ prevents mass acceptance. It is, therefore, necessary to develop a new type of digital asset that will address these problems. The process of acquiring and using Kriptokonversij should be simplified to correct the negative image and raise awareness by integrating more users into the market economy. Conversion of a digital asset into a widespread and widely used unit of accounting.
Preview: Start 01.06.18 end of 31.06.18;
Preliminary Price: 1 SDT 0,14USD;
Main sale: Beginning of 15.07.18, ending on 14.07.19;
Price: 1 SDT 0.2 USD;

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