SETHER Wide Reach And ​The Best Safety Measures

SETHER blockchain open to marketers everywhere, using tools that were previously not available — Smart Contracts. They bring transparency, so believable, yet isolated from social networking. Sether brings social network data, analyzed by smart, savvy into a contract. Integrating smart contract into your marketing strategy offers your business a high-powered advertising machine the extraordinary efficient and transparent, giving your clients a new way to interact with your brand, while cutting the costs of supervision and monitoring at the same time.

We use large data analysis, artificial intelligence and behavioral sciences to understand each individual in your audience, which lets you connect with them personally. We understand group behavior through the voice of the community, allowing you a holistic decision making.

Customer loyalty
Give discounts and promotional deals to certain customers if they promote your products in social channels. For example, if they tweet about adopting the last 5 items purchased from your company, they automatically get 15% discount for your next purchase. Use smart contracts.

Customer loyalty
Give discounts and promotional deals to certain customers if they promote your products in social channels. For example, if they tweet about adopting the last 5 items purchased from your company, they automatically get 15% discount for your next purchase. Use smart contracts.

Target Advertising
Promote Your products and services to reach your best customers with the most likely ways they respond. UseSether to know who should be targeted, how the message should be built, and get the right message to the right people.

Marketing campaign
Set clear terms with promoter you, when the targets and deadlines with smart contracts. View, pay or give bonuses based on social activities, range, and their public reaction, without actually being involved. For example, you hire influencers to promote your product and you need at least 1000 Facebook like and retweet 500 at the end of your campaign. Pay him 0.1 ETH while you get 50%, and pay the rest if you get 100% by the deadline. Automatically, while you do other things.

Audience Segmentation
We use predictive analytics to customer profiles based on psychological trait that implicitly captured in behavioral data, or explicitly investigated by quantitative research. From this profile, we give the viewer segmentation to create targeted groups of the same individual.
By identifying segments of the population that is very likely to respond to your brand, grouped based on equation of behavior, you can reach customers and prospects with the most trusted campaign tactics and the most persuasive.

Certain Promotions
Use Sether to offer discounts based on the direct promotion of social activity to your followers. For example, one of your Facebook followers posts about new phones are preferred. Offer a discount of 30% for the phone that if he bought it from your site, within 5 days ahead. Automatically, using contract proves smart bid and discount it is real.

Referral Program
There is no way to ensure that both sides of the referral, the client program and promoter, kept his promise. By using smart contracts, you can automatically pay promoters 0.1 ETH only if they made at least 40 posts, with a minimum of 70 characters. Both parties are happy.

Behavioral Analysis
Increase your business today and get up to new services and applications that involve your users on social networking through gamification, based on their behavior. Ask them to do a certain action: install keywords, links, pictures or videos, give reviews, post a comment, such as a specific target, retweet the message. Use Sether to validate their actions, giving rewards or take business decisions. Good for blockchain applications and off-blockchain.

Develop Your Application
Use Sether in smart contracts or application off-blockchain you to integrate with social networking API. Post messages automatically, react when certain keywords appear in your social channels, find the influencers, look at what the public sentiment about the company, product or brand You and more. Don’t bother with all the technical differences between the various social networking platforms. Leave it to us.

An Overview Of The Architecture

Oracle data must be secure. When smart acquired the contract security bait false data, i.e. the payoff may just be the wrong party. Blockchain, so the distributed systems offer security that is so powerful. The user comes to rely blockchain to properly validate transactions, avoid data is not changed. Supporting oracle service must have appropriate security standards are the same blockchain that it supports. The prophecy must be so 3rd party reliable efficient, gives a correct response as well as the fitting time. Security system anything just as strong as the link terlemahnya, until it takes the prophecy so it could be recognized for protecting the appropriateness of service blockchain.

Sether will also:
Receive the desire of smart contracts
Get data from an external source.
Do a query as well as calculations on the data when needed
Give a response on the applicant
Base social networks are seen. This means if the prophecy was doing the action so the bridge could be recognized at external sources as well as smart contracts. A desire that comes from clever contracts must also be secure. Smart contracts send a desire by the light of the above blockchain. This is not a thing that is desired and there are several conditions where the desire that filled the sensitive info. To assure confidentiality, all wishes will also be encrypted public key wear have Sether. Just Sether who will also hold the private key that can decrypt the contents of the request, as well as this operation will also be carried out in the enclave. More and more again in the bag also will follow in the next chapter.


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