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Shipit–  how often do you use delivery services or courier services? How often have you had to send parcels (or receive) to other regions or even countries? I am sure that each of you, at least once in your life, used the services of delivery services. And these services are more and more requested to us every day. And it is logical, because in the context of global globalization when the Internet is erasing borders, more and more often there is a need to send or receive goods from another end of the world. The truth in this situation may cause some problems. For example, we may face the high cost of delivery services, either with a very long-term delivery processor in general with the damage or disappearance of the goods. Unfortunately, these are the real conditions. But today, the team of the project Shipit, offers an alternative, namely-another approach to solving the issue of delivery, which simplifies this process and solves many of its problems.

About the project
Shipit is a mobile application that allows you to send/receive goods for a minimum payment while reducing the number of intermediaries and to ensure a high level of security. In this application will be combined travelers from around the world, with which you can carry out the delivery process. In developing this project, the team took into account the experience of the best delivery services as well as multi-user services. The Shipit service also lends its uniqueness to the use of blockchain technology and smart contracts, which will provide a transparent relationship between the users of the system and ensure that they meet their obligations. At the same time in Shipit will be actively used neural networks, which will automate many processes, namely: rapid monitoring of goods; Analysis of photos of users and goods; Search for suspicious users; Simulate future routes for travelers and notify potentially interested senders.

How will the delivery process take place? In fact, it’s very simple. Using the Shipit application, the user makes a photo of the goods to be delivered, indicates the place of departure and destination, as well as the price that he is willing to pay for the delivery service. According to the given parameters, the system selects the appropriate variants, namely people who will be sent to the required sender in the near future. The user has the opportunity to choose from the presented options, it is more suitable. After that, you can transfer the goods to the traveler and use the application to track the delivery process. Also for both parties to the transaction, there will be an accessible possibility of direct communication in the application itself.

It should be noted that with the help of Shipit can also buy goods in a country, and get it in their hands. This process is as follows: the buyer indicates which item and at what price it is interested, and where it is to be delivered, deposited into his account, and indicates the shipping fee. As in the above-mentioned case, the system selects people who will be sent to the necessary direction in the near future. After choosing a traveler, he buys the necessary goods, delivers it to the buyer, and then receives the agreed payment.

All interactions between the two parties will be governed by smart contracts. For example, if the item is not delivered to the right place, the traveler will not receive payment. Blockchain will also be able to exclude possible fraudulent actions by both people traveling and sending goods. Each user of the Shipit application will be required to link their Facebook page, mobile phone number and other information to their account to confirm and verify their identity. For a gross violation of the rules users will be blocked, and already create a new account they can not, because the system on the obvious and personal characteristics recorded earlier in Blokchejne, will be able to identify them. It should be noted that all personal information about users that will be kept in blockchain encrypted and will not be available to other users.

All services in the Shipit system can be paid both with the help of FIATA, and with the help of an internal token Shpt. The last variant solves several problematic questions at once. Namely, you do not need to think about converting one currency to another, and transactions are very fast.

Selling tokens

Private-sale-May 1, 2018-June 30, 2018
Pre-sale-August 1, 2018-August 31, 2018
Token-Sale-September 1, 2018-October 31, 2018
Token Price-$0.1
The minimum amount of fees is $3 000 000
The maximum amount of fees is $24 000 000
Tokens created — 500 000 000 Shpt token distribution:
5%-partners and advisers

The use of tokens token Shpt (created on Blokchejne Ethereum) will be used to pay for services in the Shipit system. The application will remove the commission from all transactions. There are also some benefits for token holders. For example, if travelers are more than senders or vice versa, priority will be given to those users who have more SHPT tokens in their account.

Conclusion :
Shipit To accept or not to take part in a token sale everyone should decide independently. Personally, this project seems very interesting and promising. The idea is quite simple, but in the same queue, working (as shows an example of multiplayer projects such as BlaBlaCar). In the case of full implementation, the Shipit system may well solve a number of problems related to the delivery of goods around the world: reducing shipping costs, reducing intermediaries in the delivery process, eliminating bureaucracy, guaranteeing safety and maintaining Goods, etc. This fact will not be able to remain unnoticed to users. and taking into account how popular multi-user services are gaining popularity all over the world, we can assume that this project is waiting for success.

Also, the pleasant impression leaves the team of the project, and especially the list of advisors. This suggests that the Shipit project is considered promising among all types of ICO experts. This is also said by the evaluation of this project on different rating ICO services.

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