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SHIVOM – The unique ability of blockchain to hold and store a theoretically infinite set of data under reliable cryptographic protection, successfully used in many commercial and state archives. ICO Shivom is a joint project of adherents from the sphere of innovative gene medicine and programmers, on the application of blockchain for data collection on the human genome. In XXI century genetic engineering, specialized preparations on change of DNA already the reality runic at a stage of “traditional treatment”. Many answers to questions how to defeat cancer, orphan diseases, prolong youth, lie in the plane of studying the characteristics of the human genome.

 Only numerous comparisons of unique spirals of DNA, along with the study of medical maps help scientists to understand and find “disease-causing genes”, to define “broken areas”, obtained due to the influence of the environment or other adverse Factors. Shivom is a platform of voluntary and reliable storage of the genome of any user who wants to help the development of modern medicine. Thousands of research centers around the world have mastered the methodology of such research, and “gene material” is in the hands of five corporations.

The ICO Shivom will create a platform where every individual who has preserved DNA would be able to: To receive remuneration for the participation of his genome in research; Master a unique identifier, a genomic token encrypted in Blokchejne, to encode access to any of its data. Shivom is an open source and smart contracts platform with which any researcher will have access to a gene library or unite with other centers will be able to jointly sequence the genomes. The Shivom token is a contribution to the global medicine of the future, a long-term investment in a unique ecosystem that affects each and every one of the people living on earth.
Buying released on ICO shivom cryptocurrency, the user invests in himself and close people, his health, and the future. Be among the first investors, support ICO Shivom, join the ranks of the donors of genomic information, change the world today and get in return: A unique opportunity of passive permanent income from DNA “lease”; The opportunity to participate in high-tech research; Obtain data on their genetic health; Get the investment income from the growth of the Shivom token rate. To understand how much the token price of the claimed medicine can take off, pay attention to the dental token Dentacoin, investors that “invested in the teeth” token has brought thousands of percent of the additional capital.

So, in other words, Shivom is the genomic data center based on a blockchain that will combine patients, genome data donors, medical professionals and the pharmaceutical industry in one ecosystem. Shivon’s plan is to create a universal genomic data center that will carry the current health system in our world to the future, open to everyone. Thanks to this platform, each individual can contribute to this revolutionary approach by donating DNA samples and in order to store their genome on the blockchain, specifically for any future personal medical use. 

The pharmaceutical sector, located on the other side of the shivom ecosystem, can provide direct access to DNA data if people make their data public. Thus, the development and production of new medicines will be accelerated, more and more illnesses are provided. The genomic data of the contributors will be received, controlled by the right to access them, and are rewarded if they choose to share their data. In order to remedy humanity’s unresolved diseases, the genome data will turn into usable information, accelerate clinical research, facilitate research and drug development, improve global healthcare services Great distance will be taken.

The Shivom platform will use the most advanced technologies, such as block chaining, cloud computing, genome sequencing, artificial intelligence and large data analysis, in order to carry out all the efforts I have counted above and move the medical genome to a new era.

Token Distribution and Sale
Omix Token is an important component that allows purchasing, trading, incentives and other services. Omix tokens will be part of the shivom ecosystem as well as system management.

Some information:
Token symbol: OMX
Price: 1 ETH = 7000 OMX
Platform: Ethereum
Accepted: ETH, BTC, Fiat
Soft Cap 15.000 ETH
Hard Cap 75.000 ETH
Type: El
Token Sale: 990 million

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