SID (Share Internet Data) – Decentralized Internet Sharing Ecosystem

SID (Share Internet Data ) Usually, internet access is provided by special providers and mobile operators or wireless access points, which is common for everyone but also puts users in some frameworks, imposing their rules and tariffs.

The SID will offer users of smartphones that have no coverage or access to data in a particular location but are next to other SIDS-connected smartphones, the ability to access the Internet through other users of the system. This is achieved through the use of an innovative network with the support of the crowd in a peer structure controlled by patented technology.

The company strives to provide a large number of people who can not pay for the internet, giving them almost free access. This will be achieved by getting tokens for advertising and the possibility of paying them internet megabytes.
Share Internet Data is a distributed system that provides a collective use of the Internet from mobile devices. The intellectual site provides a sling protocol, crowdsourcing and collective use of the network to provide ubiquitous Internet access.

Token trade for megabytes of the common Internet will be done automatically through contracts secured by Blokchejnom. Such transactions will create a market of liquid tokens (virtual voucher), which can bring out a huge number of people out of poverty.
The company is working on the creation of a community, where the user sets the password for WiFi, which gives the Internet to other users. The basic application is configured to use Wi-Fi, but participants can share a mobile fare (3g/4g).

The SID site will use the Sidt token to pay for network access and commit transactions on the system. After Tokensejla, the trade of SID-tokens is activated to share the network with the participants ‘ smartphones. If you do not have the opportunity to purchase tokens, you will be able to go on the way to view ads and receive rewards for it. You can pay for network access. This technology will help people in poor areas to use the Internet. It’s about mobile or home WiFi, as public hotspots are always available. At this time, SID users have already added several hundred thousand WiFi points.

 The company has successfully passed the tests. In the course of cooperation with Dunkin Donuts, the team has developed a successful project Dunkin Coffee.
 Sideblades application for smartphones, which is already available for download. The release of the commercial version for iPhones and Android-devices took place at the beginning of February of the current year.
 The site was created for two incomplete patents (2015, 2017). Now it provides free use of the resource with the initial set of tokens that can be paid access.
 Even the poorest participants will be able to use the services of the project in the ad viewing mode.
 Actual partnership. Some of the established SID consultants have worked in other ICO-enterprise segments. In addition, the company’s engineers are developing an introduction to retailers owning petrol and roadside hotels to expand the customer base.
 Connecting your smartphone to the SID network and sharing the Internet with other connected devices will be safe.

Token name-Sidt
Cost of 1 Sidt = 0.01 EUR
Can be bought for: BTC, BCH, BTG, LTC, ETH, XLM, Fiat
Minimum investment-500 euro
Hardkap-80 000 000 euro
Restricted areas-USA, China

Conclusion :
SID – The aim of the project is noble and is likely to be relevant for countries with the expensive internet. Though, what is the advantage for advertisers to show their ads to the poor? Well, looking at what to advertise… A strong and experienced team, probably knows what it is doing. In any case, before investing, you will have to study the white Paper well.

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