Sidera Scalable Ecosystem Revolves Around a New Revolutionary

Sidera – Hello dear friends! Today we will talk about the project Sidera. This project offers us a new method of payment. Let’s get started! In our time, everyone is accustomed to mobile phones, to different gadgets. They have become an integral part of our lives. Now more and more people make purchases through them. The future growth of the electronic technology market will depend on consumer preferences for gadgets, they prefer large displays with high quality. As well as next-generation gadgets using the Internet. Already now people are starting to make purchases with the help of smartwatches and smart bracelets. This project will unite smartwatches and blockchain technology.

Sidera is a new platform that will be created for all the consumer cryptocurrency, who later on will allow users can sell Point of Sale (POS) with a smart bracelet or the smartwatch is already in the making. Sidera is a technology first blockchain and have been using the can use decentralized first.

Road Map
This time the developers have made the Bitsmart, this is a new idea of smartwatches devices, which will focus on cryptocurrency. Sidera  Its advantages are that it is under the full control of the user. The company will not have access to the user’s private keys, everything is processed through blockchain.

With the help of this device will be possible (besides standard functions date/time, etc.) Add:

 News (e.g. recent events related to cryptocurrency)
 Own dial (e.g. load image/-gif as background)
 QR generator (add the ability to display QR codes)
 Currency Converter (real-time currency conversion).
 Weather, music, etc.

The goal for developers is to create the first crypto-smart clock in the world without giving up the traditional features that already exist in other smartwatches. The project team is also going to release its new revolutionary exchange called Continuum. This exchange will be completely decentralized. It is the first decentralized transferable exchange in the world. It will work through bitsmart devices on millions of wrist. Developers guarantee safety and anonymity.

Token name: Equos
Token Price: 1 USD = 0.5 equos
Total tokens: 51 million equos

Sidera  In conclusion, it is worth noting that the project is very large and ambitious. Developers are creating their own new ecosystem for their payment system. At the same time providing their development of smartwatches. This is very interesting. This project has a large experienced team to implement the planned….

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