Siglo: a Blockchain Protocol for DApps in Emerging Markets

Siglo – We are pleased to announce the launch of the century Protocol-based block  “Ethereal ” that will be used to facilitate free access to cellular connectivity for prepaid customers in emerging markets. From Latin America, we connect sponsors with smartphone subscribers and create a decentralized mobile network backed by value transfers between consumers, vendors, and brands.
The penetration of smartphones is growing at an impressive pace, but the more people have smartphones in their pockets, the high cost of data and connectivity makes it almost impossible for most of the world to have a Constant access to the network.
Protocol’s Eyelid
In emerging markets, no doubt, greater access to cellular connectivity creates new economic opportunities. We look forward to allowing smartphone users in this market to eliminate the barriers that have hitherto prevented them from participating in the digital economy.
Century will provide globally-sized customer relationship solutions in some of the fastest growing markets. The reduction in ecosystem transactions benefits from unchanged and controlled Ethereum-blocked textbooks, including trademark transactions, user transactions, and user-transactions. By blocking access to mobile time zones, Siglo can facilitate access to the network for disadvantaged users by creating a decentralized mobile network.
We created the century success in our Android app, which is used by more than a million smartphone owners in Mexico and Colombia to access the Internet, adding a layer at the top of a set lock point Existing data, called PIG.GI currencies. More than 65% of these users are not tagged. Launched in 2016, has generated more than one billion brand print partners, the brand has received over 1 million user reviews and we have distributed 45 million of coins to users. We have compiled a lot of new data that compared customer trips with the initial discovery of the final agreement.
In the Mexican market, 61% of adults do not have bank accounts up to 2016. In Latin America, 85% of smartphone connections are paid in advance. For this user, 500MB of revenues require between 8 and 40 hours of work based on average wages and resupply costs in Mexico and Brazil. Getting updates for mobile connections requires a trip to a supermarket, a service station or a small shop on the roadside. With the application, these users can get the best time to chat while traveling from home or when their program allows them to interact with applications, allowing them to connect more than ever.
Sign of the century
To provide an additional scale, century marks will be launched as the first token to allow vendors and brands to reward users directly through a mobile connection in exchange for a compromise. We expect the generation of the century to measure the platform’s expansion, which will provide a reference access to transmission time and the expansion of ecosystems in new and future markets. As the user grows, our data set is strengthened and data search increases.
The century-value proposition is unique in the sense that it is marketed, where loyalty and meaningful participation are achieved through the current PIG.GI consumer base of 1.2 million consumers in Mexico and Colombia.
Siglo  The economic challenge is to balance the volatility of floating brands with the need for currencies aimed at stable users of the market, where advertising and mobile advertising costs vary. The problem will be discussed on two levels:
Century Token allowing exchange rates in century applications, for example, between the application and other century applications
Link data to non-network currencies that match the price of products in the local market, such as currencies that are delivered to consumers when they interact with content and trademarks.
While the current century protocol will be used in the applications with PIG.GI currencies, in the future it will be possible to reward coins or points distributed in different markets with rates that are a function of the charges for cellular calls, Advertising costs, and the value of the local fiduciary currency.
The value of this chain outside the chain varies between the market and the application but still sacrifices the local products. To buy products and supplies from local vendors, users can redeem their data coins. In Phase 2, users can buy coins with their currencies to swap them in exchange for third parties or other symbols of different applications of the century in the future: we intend to create opportunities for the exchange between the currency and the Protocol of Transfer equal to Equal,
Siglo  Although the symbolic price of the century in the free market can fluctuate, the prices of the local pig coins of are kept stable. This is desirable for consumer transactions, especially in emerging markets where financial dynamics are not understood

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