SIGLO – Future of Mobile Connectivity

Siglo – Lately Siglo has been a good topic because it provides breakthrough solutions for most mobile users around the world. As we know, more and more people are using their mobile devices to do everything from shopping, looking for a place, ordering food, etc. The use of Internet access is widespread for these events. Most mobile users use prepaid connections, which are not always good anywhere.

Siglo offers a solution for users who are having problems with prepaid connections. As you know, most prepaid connections are not cheap. Well, Siglo will come to fix it. This is a new decentralized financial and digital platform for integration with the blockchain. The platform allows users to receive live refills when they travel, at home, anytime and anywhere. Imagine a ton of perks that you can enjoy on a friendly platform. is the first Siglo application used by many users in Colombia and Mexico. Now the creators have decided to expand their market all over the world.

We build upon the success of its Siglo our Android application, which has been used by more than one million owners of the smartphone in Mexico and Colombia to access the internet, add a layer of blockchain above the point of the awards data off a chain- pre-existing, called Coin. More than 65% of these users are not labeled. Launched in 2016, has generated more than one billion impressions for the partner’s brand, the brand has received more than 1 million consumer opinion, and we have been distributing 45 million coins to the user. We have collected a lot of new data that maps the journey of discovery of early customers to the end of the transaction.

The Siglo sign is the token that will be used in the ecosystem. It will be rewarded to consumers for the exchange of services. Ones can reach the Siglo token through Siglo applications, including So we can expect more and more applications published by Siglo, and we can use them to earn more tokens. The company will sell 40% of the tokens in the ICO at a very high price. This may be the best opportunity for you to invest in this promising system.

The application also comes with a coin. This will be used to compete in different markets in terms of advertising costs, mobile airtime, and the value of local currency. So, no matter where you are, you can use the Siglo platform without any hassle and hassle. The creators of Siglo collaborated with Forbes, Fortune, Reforma, CNN, El Tiempo, El Universal and Entrepreneur for the media. This will be quite large with respect to the fact that mobile communication has been widespread in modern society.

With the Siglo platform, you will be able to unlock free mobile airtime. The platform will connect the sponsors of airtime to prepaid subscribers. It is good that there will be a decentralized mobile network, provided by suppliers, brands, and companies. Siglo Token-The main digital currency of the platform. For business, it will be amazing. Siglo Token will allow owners of providers and brands to directly reward their customers with mobile communication in exchange for participation. What could be better? This is probably the first system that thrives for both consumers and businesses.

Siglo will really break the barriers that prevent businesses and customers from participating in the digital economy. For users, they will no longer be obsessed with the uncomfortable traditional system. This is a win-lose solution for all parties.

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