Simply Deliver Income Reward to Holders of Cycoin.

Cycoin – It can take a lot of time to figure out which of the many crypto-currencies that are new every day are real or which are fake. As you know very well, especially for those who deal with the stock market, time is more important than money. Because every minute that’s lost, maybe it could lead to a lot of money loss. As you can imagine, no one wants to risk losing time and money. Let’s say you’ve found that a crypto-money that you followed in a short period of time is not counterfeit and that you do the job of the developer team very well. 

What about the market situation? Do you think that the crypto-money that you lost all that time and investigated has a buyer at the global crypto-money market? Or if this crypto-currency is listed in more than one market, which would be a more sensible and profitable business to sell? Of course, whichever one you’re going to make more money on, it’s the most sensible thing to sell there. But there was a very important point that I’ve been standing on, time! Yes, you’re convinced that the crypto-money you’re investing in really has potential, but you’ve spent a lot of time doing it. Then when you want to sell this crypto-money, you’ll spend more time traveling through multiple exchanges. Isn’t it a lot of time to decide which crypto-money is solid and which stock market is better suited to sell? What opportunities will you miss in all of this time spent?
Cycoin operates in a coordinated manner with the acquired crypto-currencies when carrying out investment objectives. Another feature is that cycoin holders will have the power to vote on the crypto-money pools. This means that you will have a right to say on some possible decisions. on the Cycoin platform; In order to carry out margin lending activities and to take advantage of the periodic arbitrage opportunities occurring periodically in the crypto-currency markets, it is possible to trade with crypto-currencies that entered the top 100 on the basis of real market value. In addition, some of the funds you have will be carefully examined by the professionals in the crypto-money markets and allocated to invest in selected crypto-currencies. This means that when you want to invest, Cycoın will do it correctly, taking into consideration the most reliable way and the speed factor for you.
With the simplest narrative of Cycos, your personal crypto-money is a platform that will professionally manage your wallet for you. Cycoın aims to ensure that investors have access to the crypto-currency investment markets with a reliable and easy mechanism to have a crypto-currency pool that will provide revenue flow by investing in new research and investment. The aim of the project is to use the tried and observable low-risk investment strategies to give only the owners of the Cycoin an income reward. In addition, with a reliable and easy mechanism, new investor access to the crypto-para investment markets will be installed. Which means that while you drink your coffee and read your newspaper, you will never miss the opportunity to invest and arbitrage again!
Many crypto-currencies that often offer potential income are risky. Both the developer teams can stop continuing the project, and with a large sales wave, they can be a lot of value at a time. This kind of troubled situation is often the case of bad timing errors in the crypto-currency world. Cycoın; It offers robust, understandable and real revenue-generating investment strategies. Which means you’ll never lose your money to a dead project again, and you won’t be able to face a potential security risk. The Cycoın platform operates its strategies through the built-in mechanisms already seen in the crypto-money markets and through various algorithmic functions. Funds received will be re-invested in the cryptocurrencies, so no crypto-currency is expected to be fixed. The real purpose here is the idea of continuous action. Because every minute that is not active means another opportunity to escape.
The platform for the first month will initially use the entire fund. Cycoin Then 50% of the fund and 80 percent are converted into crypto-currencies and deposited on various exchanges for traders trading on the stock exchanges. As a result, margin credit interest is earned. interest in margin loans; Crypto-currency varies according to the inequality of supply and demand. The Cycoın platform aims to give the opportunity to earn arbitrage up to 30% of the funds. Since the crypto-currency exchanges are not interconnected, an asset may have different prices on various exchanges. This means arbitrage opportunity, as you can imagine. Cycoın gives you the opportunity to assess the differences and, if possible, buy at a lower price on an exchange, and make a higher sale on another market.
Cycoin All I’ve ever told you, especially you, might seem like a dream at first. In particular, the bad market conditions we have been in for a long time have reduced the appetite of many investors and caused the right time to invest. Cycoın can make you earn money in a possible market rise that you can’t even predict. It is also a serious waste of time to do all these operations manually and also means loss of money. Thanks to Cycoın, you can get serious profits on both time and money. Of course I can’t give you any investment advice. It’s not my principles. But I think it might be a good experience to have more detailed information about Cycoin.
Cycoın Ico and Ccy Token information:
Token Name: Cycoin
Token icon: ccy
Platform: Ethereum
Token type: ERC-20
Total number of tokens to be sold: 50 million ccy
Token Price: 1 CYY = $2
Softcap: $100.000
Hardcap: $2 million

White Paper:
Facebook :
My Profile:;u=1324582
My Ethereum Address:

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