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SimplyBrand – The appearance of access to the Internet significantly changed the entire trading sector, because earlier for various purchases, it was necessary to visit the shops. Today you just need to use your laptop to find any kind of goods you are interested in. Unfortunately, the advent of e-commerce entailed the creation of a huge number of fraudulent schemes and counterfeit products, to determine the quality of goods in the online store is almost impossible. That’s what makes this kind of shopping too risky. Today the world is actively developing not only cryptocurrency but also blockchain, technology allows to create decentralized resources in various fields. Such platforms are not only as secure as possible but also effective, they are characterized by simple structure and protection against fraudulent attacks. If we consider e-commerce-here the revolution has been suggested for a long time. Simplybrand developers are sure that their project is able to change the balance of power in the segment of trade over the Internet.

What problem can Simplybrand handle?
Basically, the decentralized platform Simplybrand will use innovative technologies and user’s knowledge to fight against fraudsters and counterfeit goods. If you want to make quality and proven purchases in various online stores-use the services of Simplybrand. Today, there are too many fraudulent schemes that allow not only stealing custom tools, but also selling counterfeit products. Developers of Simplybrand offer each user to become a part of the system aimed at combating such actions. In this case, users who are going to evaluate the honesty of sellers and the quality of goods will be able to earn internal tokens Simplybrand.

What is the Simplybrand project
The decentralized platform aims to provide its customers with access to data for each existing brand. People will be able to authenticate the goods using the Simplybrand database. Developers intend to completely eradicate fraud from the e-commerce segment. This will be achieved by creating a special blacklist-Simplybrand will be a cataloged application that allows you to immediately understand what brand you are going to buy. No fakes or questionable purchases-users will be able to make their choice based on the decision of experts from Simplybrand.

The modern decentralized platform Simplybrand is based on the advantages of blockchain technology. Developers are going to add artificial intelligence to ensure the correct operation of the platform. The industry will evolve steadily, because thanks to Simplybrand and the project’s capabilities, retailers lose the opportunity to deceive their customers and offer them counterfeit items.

The platform will work quite simply, users need to leave their feedback on questionable brands and individual sellers. SimplyBrand This will allow forming a blacklist of those with whom cooperation will not be conducted. If the Simplybrand platform becomes really popular-huge global companies will want to be part of the project and provide feedback on their products to confirm its authenticity. Accordingly, fraudsters will no longer be able to sell counterfeit products, hiding behind the name of a famous brand.

Several features
Simplybrand platform itself will become a global trading platform, the developers plan not only to create a rating system but also to give people the opportunity to use this decentralized platform to make the necessary purchases.

In this situation, it is really profitable. Using the services of Simplybrand, customers will be able to cooperate with exceptionally trusted and honest sellers. Thanks to the feedback system, scammers will immediately lose their place in the community. The developers are confident that in 2020 the project will be truly global and proven brands are connected to it.

It is also worth mentioning that all users of the decentralized platform Simplybrand will be able to make purchases, using not only Fiat funds but also cryptocurrency. Each user who is going to become an expert simplybrand and help in the formation of ratings of products and brands will receive a reward in the form of platform tokens. Already today signed an agreement with one of the largest exchanges, which allows Simplybrand customers to easily and quickly perform all necessary operations with cryptocurrency.

Simplybrand products that will be interesting for users today
Despite the fact that there is a huge number of successive stages of development in the Drone map, already today there are interesting services that allow attracting the attention of investors and ordinary customers. It is worth to consider them in detail in order to understand all the peculiarities:

Impact Calculator
Representatives of brands will be able to use this service to calculate the theoretical losses in the electronic market. The calculator can also be used to calculate the profit. This approach allows representatives of companies to see the real situation in the market, to understand how much loss brings counterfeit products, to think about the strategy of solving this issue.

A detector that allows you to verify the quality of the product
This is a very interesting service that allows you to get an expert opinion on any site or product on the Internet. Just use Simplybrand to understand what you are going to buy. Specify the address of the link and get the percentage rating of the products you are going to purchase. The valuation is based on the reputation of sellers, the general opinion of users and artificial intelligence.

Dapp MVP
SimplyBrand Large companies are ready to do everything to get rid of competitors who use counterfeit products. You can apply Simplybrand Dapp to become part of this system. Evaluating the products of different brands and establishing their authenticity, you can not only help in the development of the system but also really earn. Get cryptocurrency for all the actions you do in Simplybrand Dapp.

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