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SimplyBrand – Perhaps buying and selling today is no stranger to us, but I am sure one thing that I and you all have ever suffered from a problem that almost anyone who purchases online has ever experienced them as items that are made The company is based on famous brands of shoes, phones, watches,… It looks like it’s all over the world and it’s hard to control it. There is also the reason that the Simplybrand project was created by the developers by combining the power of the blockchain technology, artificial intelligence to terminate the present-day false counterfeit and improve the user’s online shopping beliefs. Moreover, we have the cooperation of Cobinhood-is an experienced and tremendous potential project in the new generation of electronic transactions to build the project.
So how does it work?
The first Orthodox brands will use the Simplybrand platform to identify their brand. Then the participants of the purchase or service provider will report the intended product to purchase to review the authenticity of the product. Finally with artificial intelligence and blockchain technology Simplybrand will evaluate them, if they are fake will be series on a blacklist of concurrent system rewards for reporting spoofing will be rewarded for the person reported by the token Sba. This makes it a profitable round for both the organizer and the user.
The SBA’s token can be used to purchase privileged items only on their platforms, selling them on the trading platform or renting brand protection services.
Do you know? Every year, famous brands such as Nike, Apple, Rolex have lost to billions of dollars or more because the counterfeit dishes appear to be spread. The project was properly involved in the psychology of major investors in the world as well as both for consumers and the project also promoted a profit related to both investors and brands. The project is very potential in trends affecting global and future success, investing in the project is probably a no-bad choice for investors.
Details about the Roadmap and Team of the project:
2013/05: Simplybrand started providing data and AI solutions to the brand
As a powerful company, the applicant has advanced before the new era of blockchain technology. As a result, the engineering of the company is deploying AJE and its blockchain capability to validate transactions and transaction authentication. SimplyBrand When discovered retailers who violate following the IP of the brand, simply the brand will surely list these people at the beginning of the start. Atop that, can expose retailers by simply publishing information about the e-commerce program. Indeed, this would probably be a barrier to the fake peddler.
Simplybrand is often an unnatural integrated environment (AI), chain blocking and sourcing crowds to remove counterfeits in e-commerce. This allows people and age to work together using the original features of the blockchain technology to perform security in online purchases. Code of local Small business management is going to be used to reward the source participants in the eastern Peninsula and execute companies promoting manual validation and general decision procedures. It will also be applied to purchase the privileged stuff of the manufacturer on the system or traded in other trading desks. The ICO code of the Small Business manager, usually starting on October 16, has arranged a cover of twenty million hard plates. Beneath partnerships, both companies will continue to work against the counterfeit transactions in the e-commerce platform to generate more reliable digital transactions. Cobinhood should support and advise Simple brand on their ICO and can list the SBA expressions on which the exchange is not charged after selling the logo.
Token information:
Icon: SBA
Type of token: ERC20
Token: $0.05
Softcap: 2 million USD
Hard cap: 20 million USD
SimplyBrand Along with AI and blockchain, we hope that personal intelligence can play an important role in combating counterfeits, not just our prey. In order to promote human involvement and encourage personal efforts, we have a structured new incentive mechanism by means of our native SBA party, Kaufman Alter, founder and CEO of the Simple brand. This individual continues to describe that there is a digital environment of the economy sold by giant web trading like Alibaba and Amazon, it is imperative that the program transparency is produced to provide a good online shopping meet than for clients. With the help of Cobinhood’s expertise as well as strong communities, we believe that people can bring an optimistic transition to the industry.

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