SKYFchain The New Operating Platform for Cargo Robotics Industry

Skyfchain is the first operating platform based on B2R block circuits, applicable globally in all sectors of the developing robotics industry, with an initial focus on the unmanned aircraft industry Devices. 

Skyfchain is unique in that it will be designed to exclude a person as an intermediary, and he will have access to confirmed customers of the first industrial heavy-duty cargo buzzer SKYF, which is already flying. Technically, the main purpose of Skyfchain is to integrate important information for all market participants and to organize the execution of smart contracts for transactions. The most important advantages will be scoring and open access to financing the production and maintenance of unmanned aircraft and reducing the cost of insurance of unmanned aircraft.
New operating platform for the cargo robotics industry. Blockchain Technology is a unique opportunity to customize the working platform of the truck 1. SKYF is the world’s first heavy cargo drone industrial class. We are partners of the new operating platform for the Cargo robotics Industry with our current customers in the field of oil and gas, agriculture and logistics to make skyfchain reliable and easy to integrate into today’s supply chain 2. 20% of the revenue for the first 1,000 drones sold will be used to redeem skyft tokens (the equivalent of 50-70 million US dollars) and to finance the development of the Skyfchain 3 operating platform. Skyfchain has exclusive rights to mission planning, verification and operational support of unmanned aerial vehicles SKYF
SKYFchain is a project to develop unmanned aircraft first in the world for industrial use. SKYFchain is currently working with oil and gas industry, agriculture, logistics and agricultural technology. Thus, the project team will be able to study the problems faced by the manufacturing company while transporting their products and implementing solutions for aircraft SKYF.
SKYF is unmanned aircraft that could carry large loads for long distances without any obstacles. The dimensions of the load and the severity will vary depending on the model of the drone. The first prototype presented can haul up to 100 kg, and it was impressive.
20% of the sale proceeds of which sold out the first drone (1,000 units) will be used to buy their own token, which is used SKYFchain to develop the project and introduce a series of new models of unmanned aircraft.
Special attention deserves a project team, which has shown itself as a professional in their field.
Token Details SKYFT
SKYFT-currency is the token of the internal SKYFchain
Fixed amount-1 200 000 000 tokens
Two types of transactions are paid for using SKYFT:
Operational transactions
Fintech transactions
Holders of Super-node harvesting 50% of the cost
25% of the entry fee to the holder of the token
25% of the cost of entry to the Community Development Fund
SKYFchain token allocation 44%
Crowdsale 15%
Network Development Fund 10%
Community Development Fund 9.5%
Backup 1.5%
Bounty Fund 20%
SKYFT Tokens For Sale
Target pre-ICO is $1 000 000
Cap pre-ICO was $2 million
Only 51 300,000 token SKYFT are reserved for Pre-ICO
Purchase volume minimum token is 3000 SKYFT
The final price will be an ICO ~ 0.065 USD per 1 SKYFT
SKYFT accordance with the SEC and the United States are available to u.s. investors
The standard Token token Allocation ERC20 SKYFchain
Research Development Of &
Development Of A Marketing Platform 
Operations, Business Development Company 

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