SKYFchain Provide a Disruptive Solution for Switchingglobal Logistics Industries to Unmanned Systems

SKYFchain is a platform-based operation blockade B2R first apply globally across all sectors of the industry Robotics developed cargo focus early to break up industrial aerial unmanned aircraft or DRONES. SKYFchain is unique because it is designed to exclude the man as the provider and the client will have access to confirmed from heavy duty cargo plane first industry-aircraft, not symptoms SKYF, which already fly. Technically, the main goal of SKYFchain is to integrate important information for all market participants and organize the implementation of smart contracts for transactions.

The most important benefit is the print and open access to financing to production and production services, and lower the cost of insurance for unmanned aircraft. SKYFchain aims to create a whole new air cargo aircraft industry and then invite the robot land and sea cargo for new business opportunities in the manufacturing, financing, insurance, maintenance, operations, and authorization of unmanned aircraft and robot.

SKYF cargo aircraft was the world’s first industrial grade. SKYFchain partnered with current clients in the fields of oil, gas and agriculture & logistics to make the SKYFchain reliable and easily incorporated into the supply chains of today.
20% revenue for 1000 units sold the first pulse will be used to buy back the token SKYFT (equivalent to $50-70 m) and funded the development of the operating Platform SKYFchain.
SKYFchain has exclusive rights to mission planning, verification and support aircraft operating SKYF.

SKYFchain offers an unmanned transportation vehicle belonging to Blockchain technology.
The delivery of a wide range of products to customers in the field of air transport and the security of the network system is achieved with Blockchain indicated as a 100-year-old technology.
It is the duty of the delivery of the cargo at the time of the robot and the desired date with guarantee products that must be shipped day after day by land distribution vehicles and a variety of companies with a high level of network security standards. Security has been brought to a high level in terms of financing, insurance, and maintenance robot cargo

SKYFchain provides first-class service to you not only for short-haul transport but also for product delivery.
Tokens For Sale
Between 1 March and 31 March, pre-order the ICO will be sold before ICO.
Between 1 May and 15 June, the ICO will be the main sales.
1 SKYFT = 0.065 USD. At the stage of PRE-ICO, you can buy with bonus 40%, which will be offered at a discount of 30% and lower on the next date. 40% more than the SKYFT token that you normally get with 1 ethereum, for example. SKYFT toe token with a smooth base.
PRE-ICO number of tokens that will be sold 1.2 billion
The number of tokens that will be sold at the ICO 52.8 million

Unmanned aerial vehicles, i.e., drone, providing protection, storage, and transmission of all data in the field of transport, with instant follow-up from the internet and more specifically with the SKYFchain.
More details are offered to You, except for the basic features like all the features of the transport equipment, past treatments, a licensed pilot, experience the drones, the route, the time of the mission, plans, anywhere.

We have 100% security priorities before every flight. You can follow up immediately before and after the commencement of operations of the verification information, such as working conditions, stage routes and routes on a map that will be traveled.
SKYFchain is not only used in the field of air transport but also as financial instruments. Because SKYFchain is money crypto, it also serves the purpose of such a transaction in the various stock exchanges, financial institutions, take another coin, token or turn it into money.
The technology of robot cargo also provides direct financing, insurance, or direct control over all investment assets, not indirectly.

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