Skynet Core Contains Revolutionary Patent Pending Ideas

SKYNET – With the increasing digitization process, we transfer all our data to certain networks via computer systems. We all need to go through the Internet. Some of us are only gaining on the computer with the values it produces in the face of that magic screen. The increasing development of the Internet and computer technologies has recently included blockchain, artificial intelligence, and grasses concepts. With the inclusion of these concepts, the digital age is now moving to another stage, and this transformation expresses a revolution that contains as many drastic changes between the period of time and the absence of the Internet.
Here we now discuss how the Internet and computer-based systems can become self-made by learning many processes without the need for human intervention. And it’s not a dream. Started to be used in many sectors. For example, in some countries, it is argued that artificial intelligence-based lawyers cannot make more fair and strong defenses. Or, especially in the crypto world, with artificial intelligence-based platforms, we see projects where mathematical investment preferences can be made in front of the losses caused by people’s emotional behavior.
Together with this, we talk about the ability of the objects to communicate with each other over the network, and we see it in practice. For example, by transmitting information from sensors in the soil, we encounter examples of the automated operation of irrigation systems. Skynet network  Or we could talk about artificial intelligence-based technologies that can do surgeries with more sensitive interventions than people in the medical branch. However, it is also a fact that these technologies develop in an unrecoverable way as our lives enter, and that they are experiencing harmony problems and that they all continue to evolve independently.
According to the analyses made, the capacity of 7.1 trillion dollars “Internet of Everything” market, $10 trillion “blockchain market” and 15.7 trillion dollars “aı-Artificial Intelligence market” cornerstones to shape our future. Thus, artificial intelligence-based physicians, autonomous vehicles, and applications that will make our lives more lives are not far from the grass-based machines.
But to build an industry that will improve the quality of our lives with the development of artificial intelligence, blockchain and IoT technologies in harmony, the main thing is to be discussed.
Blockchain technology seems to mark the future with its impressive concepts such as its infrastructure, mentality and being “transparent, reliable and non-central”. But it is still very early to say that it is fully adapted to real life and is becoming widely used. However, there are some problems arising from its infrastructure and architecture.
With its current structure, blockchain needs serious performance improvements, despite all its benefits. In particular, billions of data transmitted by IoT devices running on the network cannot be processed. Network structures such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, which have more history on the blockchain network, continue to work with the Proof of Work system, which is supported by millions of computers operating on the same chain. In particular, a small number of transactions can be performed at the same time with the current infrastructure and high transfer costs are a serious disadvantage. Many applications have to work on the same chain can also be seen as the main cause of problems we have counted.
Thus, the fact that the blockchain network is not capable of organizing the grasses that we are talking about, and that existing processor hardware is not in the architecture that will enable interaction on the network can be considered a fundamental problem.
What can be done with Skynet?
When all devices in a city are supported by Skynet Core, they can communicate with each other by connecting to the Skynet network through different sub-chains, and the information may be assessed on the same network.
By connecting Skynet Core to smartphones, blockchain will become the phone and will be able to approve transfers by storing crypto coins with the chip integrated wallet

Artificial intelligence-based crypto wallets can be integrated into wearable devices, allowing for the possibility of signing autonomous authentication and transfers securely.
By detecting abnormal situations, safe and secure cameras can alert all devices and systems on the blockchain. The robots can develop themselves by learning from other robots connected to the same network.
Skynet Core powered vehicles will pay for charging and parking and will generate revenue in exchange for the information they share.

TOKEN Economy
Total 1 trillion last token available. 1 Last token = 0,00035 $ to be sold. The target for the Soft cap is $3 million and 38 million for the hard cap.
You can follow the dates to be determined for the sale of tokens in the ICO process. Countdown to pre-sale continues.

The project team consists of specialists who operate at the Opensingularity Foundation and work in top institutions such as artificial intelligence, blockchain and IoT Technologies, the University of California, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the University of Colombia. So it’s a project that’s definitely on the ground in technological and scientific terms. You can see the trail of this career in every single line of the technical report.

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