Skynet Core is a License-Free and Open-Source RISC-V Blockchain Chip

Skynet is a company currently in the ICO stage, which aims to solve the issues of blockchain implementation and functionality of IoT-devices. The Skynet team strives to provide a range of solutions in a single platform that will include the world’s first blockchain chip, as well as a hyper-scalable network. The project has developed billions of such chips that will connect to different devices and connect to the Skynet network.
This ecosystem will provide a real infrastructure that will allow blockchain technology to flourish. As a result, Skynet strives to become the most accepted of all ecosystems.
What is Skynet Core?
Skynet Core-is blockchain-chip Risc-V, which does not require licenses and is a key part of Skynet. This blockchain chip can replace a regular processor optimized for IoT devices and blockchain technology. The SC-1000 is a 32-bit kernel of RISC-V blockchain with hardware wallet units and a processor for use on standard IoT devices. SC-2000-This is a 64-bit version, which includes the processing of tensor, acceleration of the hash and hardware purse, all for Edge Intelligence. Finally, SC-3000 is another 64-bit kernel of blockchain RISC-V with a tensor processor array, cold storage, protected by AI, and acceleration of the hash for complex intelligence.
Blockchain Equipment
Skynet Core in its work uses advanced patented solutions, one of them-a hardware wallet. It also has compact cryptographic processors with this combination, completely opening access to the open infrastructure of the blockchain and its use. The high throughput with which Skynet Core can run a set is driven by hardware acceleration. At high connection speed, the team did not forget about the safety of cryptocurrency. In addition, this product includes a crypto purse and its own cryptocurrency. Skynet Core provides almost instant access to billions of devices to a huge network blockchain.
– Built-in crypto purses
One of the key features of Skynet is the built-in crypto wallet in Skynet Core. This crypto wallet has RSA encryption, secure memory and CC EAL6 +. The purpose of this crypto-wallet is to allow devices such as wearable devices and smartphones to have cryptographic storage capabilities.
-High-Performance Blockchain
With Skynet, you can connect only 4 small devices to a network, merge them into a private or public network, but by connecting them, they can handle up to 10 000 transactions per second, and each device, in turn, can execute the consensus algorithm, Which is considered to be expensive in terms of computation.
– Hash acceleration
The Skynet kernel will deliver crypto-engines SHA-256, specifically designed to run high-speed distributed applications or blockchains. The kernel should deliver decryption and speed encryption faster than 20 MB of half-duplex.
-The automatic signing of transactions
AI processors in Skynet core allow you to automate the signing of transactions. Processors use a patented design that automatically checks outbound transactions to improve efficiency.
Skynet Neural Networks processing
Skynet Core provides advanced basic development that can speed up deep learning applications in blockchain networks. The project will form partnerships with various semiconductor companies as a way to introduce sensory processors into the Skynet kernel design with an emphasis on 8-bit precision arithmetic. These built-in tensor processors allow any IoT device to explore advanced neural networks to provide intelligence on a human scale
The Skynet core also simulates the brain. Literally. They have created a microprocessor in which synapses are programmed, which allow making the mechanism of processing of the information similar to human. In general, Skynet Kernels are very easy to configure, allowing you to connect yourself to any neural networks, a tensor or a GPU. It also allows expanding possibilities for the creation of artificial intellect.
How will Skynet affect the devices of the internet of things in blockchain?
One of the biggest consequences of Skynet will be that on the devices blockchain IoT now will be a possible combination of artificial intelligence technology and blockchain. In fact, Skynet strives to revolutionize the use of IoT devices through its ability to combine blockchain networks and accelerated processing of artificial intelligence.
The Skynet kernel design is modular, allowing you to embed together with any SoC to create new blockchain chips. This chip design allows you to embed Skynet chips into small edge nodes or IoT servers. As a result, it was possible to implement Skynet Core around the world with a connection to the blockchain network.
Only a few potential Skynet applications on blockchain IoT devices include smart cities, wearable blockchain devices, smartphones blockchain, connected cameras, and unmanned vehicles.
What is Skynet Open network?
Skynet Open Network (SON) pretends to be the fourth generation blockchain for IoT. It is a network that has infinite scalability and optimization under IoT. This will also allow transactions to be carried out between different IoT devices. Deployed everywhere, Skynet chips will include native cryptocurrency SON, which will allow open network Skynet instantly become the most accepted of all blockchain networks.
SON uses a unique infinitely chain blockchain architecture that provides chaotic subsystems and scalability of IoT devices. The system provides advantages such as instant finality, infinite segment, cross-chain communication, delegated BFT proof of share and decentralized exchange. It also provides hyper-scalability for the IoT platform.
Skynet is a futuristic and ambitious project that hopes to bring the connection between blockchain technology and the Internet of things to a new level by providing the first blockchain IoT chip for easy deployment. One of the main goals of Skynet is to become the central core of IoT devices by default due to its achievements in this area.

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