Skynet – Create a Whole New Revolution of IoT Devices

Skynet will solve problems with the implementation of Blockchain and IoT functionality by providing a comprehensive system consisting of the first Blockchain chip in the world and the Hycscalable IoT Blockchain Network. Billions of licenses Free Blockchain chips will be deployed to devices around the world and connected to the network Blockchain network Skynet, which will create a real-time infrastructure for Blockchain technology, and Skynet-the most efficient ecosystem.

Skynet Core
Skynet Core is a Risc-V Blockchain chip licensed chip that can replace an existing processor with a kernel optimized for the Internet of things and Blockchain Technology.

Problems with Blockchain networks for IoT
Despite all the advantages of the blockchain, current networks have large computational overhead and low efficiency. Network architectures cannot handle billions of interactions that IoT devices do every day, and do not support acceptance in the real world. Old network architectures, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, are based on principles such as “competitiveness” and “One Blockchain, Many applications”. Blocked circuits, which have grown from these older principles, have a low transaction rate (7-20 transactions per second), high transaction value (0.70 cents), try to fit into many applications in the same chain and have nodes doing Computationally costly useless work.

The problem of making a blockchain
Bitcoin and Jefirium have estimates of 131 billion and 60 billion. respectively (as of June 2018), as they are the most popular networks in space, despite their basic technologies. New projects are difficult to achieve success, it is necessary to meet different criteria:
1. Efficiency. The transaction fee should be minimal, have a low confirmation time and be energy efficient.

2. Compatibility with obsolete functions-blocked circuits or DAG must be compatible with current systems

Skynet protocol
Opensingularity United all the design proposals in Skynet, a secure through a distributed system of artificial intelligence, which will facilitate cooperation and intelligence between all devices in their network. For the solution of both cryptocurrency and limitations of intellect in hardware, Skynet consists of Skynet Core, a block-chain chip of neuro-processing. To solve scalability, overhead and limited applications in traditional chain networks, Skynet also consists of SON, a network with an infinite lock.

Plan of adoption of Skynet plan
Opensingularity believes that there is a need for an ARM alternative in the semiconductor industry of IoT, as well as the creation of the unlicensed core of Blockchain Brain Chip IP in the semiconductor industry and the architecture of RISC-V ISA with Open source, Opensingularity will allow many companies to design high-performance and energy-efficient consumer ASIC at a discounted price. The open singularity RISC-V AI-block-back-model without the license code will provide a free competitive alternative with the added functions of communication devices with the block network and the “Brain on Crystal” system. With a business model without a license, companies and SoC designers will be able to use a similar kernel with the same functionality but are optimized for the blockchain.

Skynet token
Skynet token is a local token Skynet Open Network and SON Fabric. In block-blocks Proof-of-Stake the creators of each block are randomly selected in a roundtable similar to the way, depending on how many coins or values a person owns.

Open Network Skynet
Skynet Open Network, Singularity, also known as AI knowledge or Virtual Application Layer, is
The Nova and Idex extension, which allows you to use a number of interoperable applications for communication and learning between the Skynet kernels and other IoT devices. This applies in particular to decentralized machine learning, computational distribution, and data sharing. Applications can be associated with a multipurpose market Singularity, where devices can negotiate values for their training data or processing power.

Hardware Blockchain
Skynet Core contains revolutionary patented ideas such as built-in hardware wallet and compact Cryptoprocessors to provide real-time infrastructure for blockchain technology. With hardware, Skynet Core devices can run high-bandwidth networks and securely protect cryptocurrency from theft. Skynet Core will be delivered with its own networked network wallet and its crypto, providing billions of devices with immediate access to the fastest block IoT network.

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