Smart Containers Combine Cutting-Edge Technology and IoT Sensors in a Logistics Ecosystem on Blockchain

Smart Containers You may not know, but one of the most costly directions in the transportation industry is the delivery of perishable products and medicines. The output has long been found – special containers that protect the product from temperature and humidity.
The Swiss holding Smart containers Group is among the largest players in the European market. However, being just a leader to him is not enough. Leaders of Smart containers intend to turn the sphere of logistics through the use of blockchain.

Smart Containers Group – what is it?
The Smart containers holding has been in existence since 2012. In 2013, he launched a subsidiary of Skycell, specializing in temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals, in 2017-Foodguardians (food products) High-tech boxes are used for transportation, delivering medicines from the factory to the house and products from the farm to the table at its best. Since 2016, Smart containers has been cooperating with Emirates SkyCargo (UAE), from 2017 to Cargolux (Luxembourg). Both organizations are among the world’s largest cargo airlines. In fact, Smart Containers has a profitable multi-million dollar business. Skycell in just a few years managed to enter the top 4 transport companies in the B2B market.

How does it work?
Let’s take a look at the current scenario with content delivery in the B2B market:

System core-operator;
The operator associates the supplier company with the client company;
The operator manually searches for documents and sends them to both sides (Customs papers, invoices, etc.);
Requests in such a centralized system are processed slowly. A lot of unnecessary paper red tape, the load on the specialists, constantly “hanging ” on the phone, high.
Smart containers approach business differently.

The core of its scheme will be blockchain.
Blockchain will allow removing significant load from operators of logistics companies. Thanks to its implementation, a huge number of routine operations can be automated.

In Blokchejne will be stored invoices, cargo passports, technical specifications of the product being transported, documents of origin and so on.

Some data are stored in public Blokchejnah, which can be accessed by any person, part of the data in private Blokchejnah, where the interaction between the parties of the transaction will be regulated Smartkontraktami
Features of the future Logi Chain system:
Smart containers are equipped with IoT sensors that control temperature and report in real time;
The supplier and the customer may at any time inquire about the status of the product by contacting the blockchain, as it records all changes;
Invoices are exhibited automatically – no paperwork;
Low transaction costs.
The Smart containers holding is aimed at creation (improvement) of the unparalleled completely autonomous container, remote monitoring of which is possible thanks to Blokchejnu.

The boxes will be rented for a year, with the possibility of renewal. Re-operation of “smart crates” is one of their key features, because otherwise, it would be unprofitable for the client to use such expensive equipment.

Is it worth investing in Smart containers Group?
For additional finances, Smart containers, like other companies linking their future with Blokchejnom and cryptocurrencies, goes to ICO. The campaign at Smart containers is not quite normal – two tokens, Smart coin, and LOGI coin are being promoted at once All holders of Smart will be charged up to 20% of the company’s profit in ETH.

Smart Containers LOGI will also be the basis for a new logistics ecosystem called LOGI Chain, tokens are going to pay for services within the network. mMost of the functionality of LOGI Chain will be available to transport companies for free. We still have an open platform! But for additional services (insurance, transportation, etc.), provided by partners, will have to calculate “Logikoinami”. Smart container not limited to regions, its goal is to secure the transport of goods in the global market. Want to get a share of the profits of a successful business? With the growth of turnover and income of the company, tokens will certainly be expensive in price!

ICO Details
LOGI Coin Total tokens 100 million LOGI tokens available on ICO-20 million
Hardkap: $4 million
Token value: $285/PRESEll: Until the end of April
Public Sale: May 2018
Smart Coin

Total tokens: 150 million Smarc
Tokens available on ICO: 120 million Smarc
Hardkap: $36 million
Token value: $432
PRESEJL: Until the end of April
Public Sale: May 2018
At the exit, we have two types of tokens, security, which will allow you to get a share of profits and utilities that will allow you to interact with the platform to potential customers.

Logistics is probably one of the most profitable businesses in the world. And the logistics of perishable products is more profitable than anything else! The fact that the company will be successful and easily gather trays does not cause me any doubts!

Do you object, like, MVP, why Smart containers don’t show blockchain-platform, all of a sudden it’s all hype? Is.Again, behind the shoulders of Smart containers-a profitable business. Holding is the world’s largest provider of IoT containers for freight and ICO is needed to scale a successful business! So you can trust Smart containers without the MVP sample.

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