SOAR – Decentralised Drone Platform

SOAR – It seems that the drones appeared just a couple of years ago. But during this time they were able to go from a toy to a costly gadget, giving a very high-quality picture. Professional photographers increasingly include these devices in their work process, behind them are attracted to photography enthusiasts, travelers and people of different professions.
For many people, this will be a surprise, but in addition to being able to take pictures, drones have the features they can use to gather information about the surrounding space. We only have to use what is given in full and begin to disclose their commercial potential through mass use in many different spheres. The capabilities of the drones and the financial benefits that they can bring were the impetus for the creation of the Soar platform.
With the Soar platform, drone owners will be able to exploit the commercial potential of their devices by selling their footage and video footage. In addition, blockchain and smart contracts used by the platform will ensure the safety and security of transmitted data, recording the location, time and model of the device that made the photo. As the project progresses, Soar wants to create a global map of the world that has great brilliance and detail by combining multiple frames from different angles. The platform will accept only high-quality, suitable for use photos and videos. In addition, the map will be dynamic and able to reflect any changes that have occurred in reality, choosing more new and high-quality footage.

Platform Capabilities
As we have already said, one of the main tasks of the Soar platform creators is to help monetize the content generated by drones. The footage and video can be used in a variety of studies, and in the process, drones collect geolocation and weather data that can be transferred to interested services and rewarded.
The use of the blockchain platform is primarily due to its usefulness in ensuring that the data received is authenticated. Smart contracts are the guarantee of payment for content.
The Soar platform makes the blockchain the following data:
Date and place
The height of the drone’s location and model
Description of the content and a list of related keywords, which is done to facilitate the search
Information on the purchase and sale of content

Project History
Not only images but also geolocation data are used in the map creation. The Soar platform cares to make them reliable and accessible to all comers. SOAR – For almost 10 years the team of the project, which we will tell about later, has developed in this direction. They even managed to launch several successful applications related to the collection and analysis of cartographic data from several dozens of countries.
In 2015, the project was interested in the U.S. Department of Defense, which contributed to its development. Last year, the application was upgraded and enhanced with additional encryption in the U.S. military.

Skym token
To monetize the content provided by drone owners, the platform will have a Skym token. With its help, it will be possible to make transactions on purchase and sale of pictures, video and other data. The use of smart contracts will help to avoid cheating and fraud.
Total will be released 350 million Skym, which will be distributed as follows:
Closed Sales stage – 115 000 000 Skym (32.9%)
Open Sale Stage – 15 000 000 skym (4.3%)
Construction of the ecosystem – 68 000 000 Skym (19.4%)
Community creation – 54 000 000 Skym (15.4%)
Partners – 48 000 000 Skym (13.7%)
Team – 43 000 000 Skym (12.3%)
Advisers – 7 000 000 Skym (2%)
The details of the token and its course are not yet known, but right now you can take part in the Bounty program conducted by the creators of the Soar platform.

Bounty Program
However innovative and interesting the project is, it always needs additional advertising and attraction of attention. To disseminate information about the project, its creators decided to hold a campaign bounty. Already now everyone who wants to support the platform Soar their participation and involvement of the audience can do it.
The campaign period is 7 weeks from August 13 to September 30 of the current year. During this time there will be distributed 1 500 000 tokens Skym, which can be obtained by placing the original content and following the platform rules on the following resources:
Facebook and Twitter – 35% (525 000 Skym)
Bitcointalk-18% (270 000 Skym)
Reddit – 8% (120 000 Skym)
Telegram-8% (120 000 Skym)
Ins & LinkedIn – 8% (120 000 Skym)
Special Assignments – 8% (120 000 Skym)
Other sites for content placement (blogs, sites, etc.) – 15% (225 000 Skym)

Soar Project Team
One of the main components of any project is an experienced and professional team.
We invite you to get acquainted with those who are at the head of the platform Soar:
Amar Farand – General manager and geolocation expert
Charlie Caruso – Head of partner associations
Chris Lowe is a leading specialist in BLOKCHEJNU
Neil Prentice – Responsible for blockchain and commercialization
Marek Tlakbaba-Developer Blockchain
Alexander Penman-Developer Blockchain
Dan Anderson-Graphic designer
Willem Swanepoel – Leading mobile developer

In addition to the team, advisers and consultants play an equally important role in the implementation of any idea.
We present you Soar advisors:
Phil Carulli – Director of Optima Partners
Colonel James Rett – signal processing expert
Guy Perkins – Director of Spookfish
Craig Boulder – Communications specialist, U.S. Army Reserve
Project Investment Consultant – Rick Ravelin (Chairman of the Board of Peregrine Corporate)
ICO Advisor – Alex Mayer (director of Fidem)
Legal adviser-Nizam Ismail
BLOKCHEJNU Consultant – Todd Burgess (director of Digital Capital Management)
ICO Advisor – Tommy Shin (chairman of Lateral Capital Ventures)
BLOKCHAIN – Investment Consultant – Jin Jin (co-founder of Master Node Ventures)

SOAR – In conclusion, I would like to point out that most of all in this project we have been attracted by the long path that its creators have passed to be where they are now. And now they are at the stage of introducing their brainchild into our daily lives, which will certainly benefit. Most likely you, as well as we were struck by the convenience and usefulness of the idea, implemented by the creators of Soar. We wish them good luck and speedy implementation of all plans.

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