SolareX – Gearing Towards A Cheaper And Cleaner Energy For All

Solarex  – Every inhabitant of the Earth knows about the problem with energy, someone knows about it from news and newspapers, and someone fully felt these problems on itself. Paradoxical situation, but while the cities shine with lights and advertising signs, illuminated by thousands of lampposts and provide each inhabitant uninterrupted power supply, there are whole countries and even continents where people or do not know what is Electricity, or “see” it very seldom, which accordingly has a very negative impact on the development of such regions.

The process of production and transmission of electricity is extremely complex and costly, and we should not forget about the irreparable damage to the ecology, which is applied to the planet in the process of electricity generation. As we can see, the situation in this market is far from ideal and has many problems: lack of market transparency, high energy prices, insecurity of production methods, lack of access of millions of people to a stable source of electricity and much more Forces to think about fundamental changes in the industry.

How to make electricity cheaper and safer for the environment, how to ensure all people regardless of their place of residence uninterrupted source of electricity and finally how to bring back to this market transparency and fairness? Solarex knows how.

Solarex will change the electricity market
Solarex specializes in so-called “green energy”, which is extracted from renewable energy, and what can be more safe, cheap and affordable than the sun? Solarex plans to use solar energy to solve critical problems in the energy industry and provide people with cheap and clean energy that they can produce themselves and, if necessary, sell the surplus on the transparent market.

Solarex as a company that deals with advanced developments in the field of energy tries to apply in their products the latest achievements of humanity, that’s why it will use the technology blockchain with which will be built A completely new market of resources.

This is where blockchain is useful for the sale of energy. This will happen according to the following algorithm, the solar farm has its own intelligent counter that reads data about the used energy and then using smart contracts will be paid for the used energy. For the sale or purchase of resources between neighbors will be available peer 2 peer (equal to equal) energy trading platform, where all participants will be equal and will be able to offer unused energy for sale on the basis of fairly established In the supply and demand market. Solarex   And as the energy will be in abundance, the prices will be low, because the supplier will be able to speak everyone who has a solar panel on his home, which means that consumers will no longer be deprived of access to energy resources and will be able to use them for Fair prices, which will be substantially lower than the existing ones. But the most important thing is that such a system will allow connecting to a source of a current of people even in the most remote corners of the earth.

BLOCKCHAIN and Solarex
If the concept of providing consumers with solar energy is understandable, it is necessary to find out exactly how Solarex will use blockchain technology in its activities.

A blockchain based platform will give users many benefits, they will be provided with a reliable, secure, fully decentralized and reliable platform for the sale and purchase of energy, as it would provide users with an absolute Control and no third-party access to electricity.

Blockchain will provide a transparent accounting of spent energy A smart counter will give data to blockchain and provide accurate information about consumed resources Platform for Trade and transmission of its electricity to other consumers will also use blockchain technology

Solarex ICO
At the moment he is raising funds for the development of the project, in the course of this campaign he wants to collect from $5 million (minimum target) to $30 million as the maximum goal of fundraising.

For sale will be available not so many tokens, total
1.344 billion, the initial price of the digital asset $0.05. Another good news for users and investors is Solarex’s plans to redeem and burn tokens. According to the project plans, 30% of income from the activity will be directed to the redemption of tokens and their subsequent burning, the process will go until only 300 million tokens remain in circulation.

By the way, all unsold tokens on ICO will also be burnt.
The fundraising itself will go through several stages
-Presale from January 28 to February 28, 2019
-The first stage of public sale from March 15 to March 30
-The second stage from 1 to 15 April and the final stage from 16 to 30 April 2019 year.
In the early stages of investment, you can get bonus tokens.

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