SolareX – The Largest Blockchain Based, Most Efficient and Sustainable Energy Provider

Solarex  Over the past two decades, global energy demand has created a huge market that has led to the world’s need to produce more energy to ensure its infrastructure developments and create favorable economic growth. The solar energy technology has gained global recognition and, in the end, has become a major driver in the energy market of developed countries, deploying its capacity to increase their target indicators. 
The emergence of technology blockchain can accelerate the penetration of the solar energy industry into the overall energy world industry. The idea of a combination of blockchain and Solar Technology is very topical at the present time. The technology allows us to conduct business operations effectively, safely, openly and fairly, to build a network of reliable business partners and to create well-being in the country. The same should be applicable to most developing countries or already developed countries. 

What is Solarex?
Solarex is a platform that will provide cheap, efficient and constant energy!
The team will continually invent and explore new options that can help the energy market by providing additional services to our respected customers within the companies that need energy.
It remains open only to raise funds and attract Solarex  energospoživačìv to the project Solarex to implement our plans for the energy market. The idea is to enhance the ability to achieve and consume the energy of a structured way in the coming years, which will positively affect the entire continent (Africa, because the project plans to start its activity precisely from this continent). 
What problems wants to solve the project Solarex?
 -Lack of electrical power in remote locations.
-Lack of security and reliability.
 -Lack of transparency and security in energy operations.
 -Ecological and public health; The main hazard from polluting energy sources.
 -Adaptability and sustainability.
 -Unacceptable cost of energy.
 -Extra loss of energy in the centralized grid when transferring.
 -Barriers for entering the market as a producer and a consumer (for example, costs of financing and installation).

One and a half billion people around the world still have no access to electricity. and 3 billion relied on biomass for cooking. Africa ranks first among all continents at a low level of access to electricity. Air pollution indoors from carbon monoxide in open furnaces is the leading cause of mortality in developing countries, in front of malaria and tuberculosis. 

Blockchain and Smart contract
Solarex  Integration with technology blockchain allows the ecosystem to perform transactions and read data in a distributed system. This gives a transparent, secure and accurate accounting transaction and energy data. The use of intelligent contracts and the block-up will be directly and automatically monitor the data stream and accumulate energy in the ecosystem Solarex. Using a smart contract will also provide a balance of activity in the ecosystem. Solarex provides the technology of blockchain, which completely eliminates fraudulent activity in the ecosystem.  

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