– Created Intriguing Ways to Reward our Users Both Short-Term and Long-Term

Sonata – Well, welcome you are back to his blog. Today, I will introduce you to an incredibly exciting and potential project, which is the Sonata project-only crypto platform that you need. Sonata is the trading platform all in one with long-term profits for both traders and owners. Our exchange of Sonata is carefully created in collaboration with Forex brokers/Forex and the Fintech enthusiasts. This application will provide a solution to novice and expert people who want to focus on business, rather than struggling with the cluttered user interface and nonsense functionality. Unlike other ICO projects, the Sonata Exchange does not need more resources for itself development. Sonata is wholly supported by the company in the financial industry. The main reason, why Sonata released his token is to attract the original investor and share 80% of Sonata with them. Sonata believes that personal involvement is the key to building healthy communities. That is also why the Sonata was developed as a real social platform.

Advantages of Sonata:
• Perfect Security
Sonata is committed to ensuring all of your investments on a variety of levels. You can concentrate on your business without worrying.
• Built to perform
The designers of Sonata have spent hours analyzing the user experience of professional brokers to build a really centralized interface.
• Predictions who
Sonata is using real-time market data and an advanced algorithm to predict price trends in the future. It offers a great start-up for beginners.
• Trading Deposit
Transaction depositing (leverage) is an expert tool that is used to increase income levels in order. Lenders are rewarded with interest.
• Social networking factors
Participate in electronic money trading. Join the room, send tips to other brokers or learn from the experts.
 Friendly API
Sonata will provide fully documented custom APIs for robots and applications

How do you get to profit when investing in Sonata:
We want to reward the investor community and therefore, 80% of the Sonata exchange fees are delivered back to them. Sonata If you take part in the coin of Sonata provided, you can generate passive income from the exchange fee. Income is redistributed each month and your current revenue is displayed in your user profile.
Each user can freely transfer the token, send them to his wallet outside of the swap or more investments. Investors can monitor the rewards system.

-Information about token:
 Token: sont
• Platform: Ethereum
• Type: ERC20
• Price in ICO: 1 sont = 0.1 USD
• Token for sale 250 million
• Minimum investment: 1,000 sont
• Acceptance: ETH, BTC, LTC
• Distributed in ICO: 50%
• Hard Cap: 21 million USD
-Allocated Card Sonata:

Reviews on SONATA:
-Sonata has a strong team:
The development team of Sonata includes members who have skills in IT, marketing, application development, business, management, human management, communication, blockchain… The most powerful has years of experience in the areas they have operated. Along with experienced advisors, the development team is well prepared to provide a perfect foundation for the global marketplace.

-Sonata has groundbreaking ideas, materials and Web pages designed beautifully, reasonably:
The interface is nice, eye-catching and easy-to-look, filled with the necessary information about ICO as well as the development direction of the project. Shows the professionalism of the Sonata team in the operation of the project.

The conclusion
Sonata As anticipated, Sonata will expand its scope of operations outside the world. I believe that with the potential, transparency, security as well as his advantage, Sonata will have a solid foothold in the general trading floor and the crypto gender in particular
Personally, I appreciate this high project. I think I should invest in it. With high liquidity on the market, it will automatically raise prices, this is very favorable sign for investors when buying these codes in the early days of ICO, the price is still cheap. Sonata token can be accepted in most of the top trading markets, this delivers a relatively large discount in the transaction.

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