Soundeon Music Beyond the Blockchain

Soundeon is a decentralized music and multimedia platform based on Blokchejnov, built on the Soundeon Protocol ecosystem for modern media. The Soundeon Project is a consortium of Blokshtejnov experts, artists, software developers, intellectual property professionals and media managers, who are already usually engaged in business in the media industry.

Solves the main problem faced by the industry for performing arts with radical transparency, fair management of property rights, improved mechanisms of financing for artists.
The project helps artists to regain control over their creations and monetize them. As the music industry tries to solve problems in the management of the rights to record digital music and tickets in real time, Soundeon is a multilevel approach to use.

In essence, new technologies in block computing, such as intellectual contracts and indisputable technology Ledger, allow Soundeon to create a functional, stable, secure and adaptive environment for the solution of practical Tasks in digital media and tickets. The platform covers all aspects of the music industry. From creation and protection of copyrights on contract resale of both existing and future musical assets, an organization of concerts and sale of tickets. Soundeon uses a comprehensive approach to address inefficient and archaic market practices that negatively affect both artists and their fans, on-and-offline.

• Design feature:
Thanks to its own implementation of the patented CSC (Creative Smart Contract) technology, Soundeon Protocol solves previously presented problems by developing the following initial levels of applications:
o Music token Sale is an opportunity for artists to start selling tokens and finance personal projects with the support of the Soundeon community.
o Soundeon is a tokenization and decentralized Exchange tool. Intellectual property, where everyone can buy or sell their royalties for income, having the opportunity to create a multifaceted personal music portfolio.

O Soundeon tickets is really a solution for ticket sales based on Blockchain, which is optimized for enthusiasts and can be inserted into the Soundeon environment. Necessary steps, such as Live creative QR codes and smart codes, are taken to avoid fraud when buying tickets and importing.
o Soundeon Monitor-aggregates royalty data from Soundeon and third-party vendors, with integrated Analytics data that cover all aspects of the artist’s creative products (including Copyright, License collection, ticket sales).
o Soundeon player is a music player that uses blockchain technology for transparent royalty distribution. This is really an audio that is defined by Blockchain technology for the transparent distribution of java. Artists who use the Soundeon Monitor will be able to distribute their work through this particular music player. It is expected that the participant will accumulate information that can be entered into the verified decentralized registry during the playback of the track.

• Mission and vision of a sound platform
View exceptional talents and let the creators control their work more. The implementation of the Soundeon mission became possible in connection with the development of new solutions for the management of copyright on the basis of intellectual contracts, which ensures fairness, transparency and consistency of all operations and provides a more Close connection between artists and fans.
The Union of the entire music industry experience in a full cycle solution that provides transparency and innovation in the music industry. The creation of an ecosystem in which success depends on the efforts and talent of the Creator, in which each artist can fully concentrate on creativity.

Conclusion :
Soundeon is the first decentralized platform to cover the entire segment of contemporary music. It allows you to create licensed tracks, resell rights to existing and future tracks of artists, work with tickets for the following concerts.
The platform is based on the advantages of the blockchain, which allows you to use intelligent contracts to protect the rights of content authors. The use of intelligent contracts can ensure the security of all transactions, transparency in the cooperation of the parties, they will be able to build a truly effective trust relationship. Therefore, with full confidence, we can say that Soundeon will become a leader in this segment. For those who choose the project for investment, pay attention to this project, a very worthy candidate: an excellent and necessary idea, professional team, well-known advisors, just excellent grades on all independent sites. Whether you participate in Soundeon or stay away from you. But the project is really unusual and attractive for investors!

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